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Gemini dating gemini

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Yet with Mercury still seven days away and the Sun eight days away, things won't get too serious just yet.

The Gemini woman can never ever be possessed by the Scorpio man (despite his deepest desire), and she will find the intensity of his intentions inconsequential and humorous. This couple has the downside of sticking together through thick and thin to the point of real pain and absurdity.This lady, one of the most desirable in the zodiac, is as hard to pin down as quicksilver, her mercurial ruler, which is exactly what you need to lighten you up in the right way. Gemini women hardly need advice on how to catch a man, or at least catch his eye.There is something about you like a worm on the end of a hook that lures the big fish. Oddly enough this pair can give each other a merry chase intellectually and they can entertain each other endlessly with a running commentary on the foibles of human nature.Hardly anything either one does is unpremeditated, although for completely different reasons.The Gemini butterfly will flutter away to another flower in someone else’s garden, leaving the Scorpio to plumb the depths of his soul alone.Can you imagine the circumlocution and posturing necessary to accomplish anything?

Each one of them is like a double agent trying to figure out what kind of double agent the other one is and oddly enough, they don’t take it at all seriously.

As she teams up with dreamy Neptune, Venus is more focused on refuelling your professional dreams.

At the same time that Venus is encouraging you to make the most of her last full day in an adventurous part of your chart, the professional wheels are already turning.

Powerful forces in play on the job and career fronts are stirring after the Moon moved through your work sector over the last few days.

With your new professional year about to take on a new lease of life, make the most of any chance to keep your work and professional hats off today.

Scorpio manipulates everything, and Gemini must monkey around with everything.