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Swath and dating

And the owner of one of them is calling the city's decision "patently unfair," because neighbouring properties have already been approved for re-development.In a letter to the board, Mark Cowan describes his own two-storey property as "utterly unremarkable.

"That someone would say, 'My property is not worthy of designation, I'm scared that you're going to freeze my property in time,' I would say hogwash," she told CBC Toronto Thursday.Beginning with a forthright apology, while not unexpected, was the right thing to do.This has been followed with transparently committed efforts to see the job through by way of sorting out staffing issues and also expediting an agreement with the union over the work-to-rule with hands-on efficiency."There are many, many properties — thousands across the city — that are worthy of heritage designation and many property owners have actually been able to make it work." She and Cressy said inclusion on the heritage list means the city needs to be consulted before major changes are made.But Wong-Tam said owners still have some freedom to alter their properties."It is a simple box of a commercial building and not worthy of historical preservation," he wrote.

Owners of about 20 other buildings on the proposed new heritage list have also appealed for exemptions, according to letters filed with the Toronto preservation board. Joe Cressy, who represents the neighbourhood on council, told CBC Toronto the list has been in the works for four years now, and owners have had ample opportunity to object. Kristyn Wong-Tam chairs the city's preservation board.

IKONOS was originated under the Lockheed Corporation as the Commercial Remote Sensing System (CRSS) satellite.

In April 1994 Lockheed was granted one of the first licenses from the U. Department of Commerce for commercial satellite high-resolution imagery.

By his own admission, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch does not like talking to or being associated in any way with The Royal Gazette. That clarion call to the nation on Wednesday served temporarily to get us off the Naughty column in his book stored to memory of those who have been naughty and nice.

So it had to take something of great significance to get the Colonel to assemble all media, including the big bad RG and Bermuda Broadcasting, No 2 on his personal hit list. We hope it is a sign of things to come, for a working relationship with all Cabinet ministers is absolutely essential for transparency to be seen to be done and for the Government adequately to get its message of good governance across in the democratic manner it believes to be equitable for all. And who fits the bill as a maverick more than the Minister of Bling, he who tells it like it is and he who suffers no fools gladly?

The broken promises last week from one stumbling government brief after another have resulted only in feral cats having their way in an extended and island-wide open house.