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Back door access to dating sites

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Clever, these Chinese The moral is this: we are at the very least, 20 years behind the Chinese, and by association with the Chinese and by copying them, the Russians as well. We can no longer act like children in a playground playing with real guns. Our technology has outgrown us, because we have failed to grasp it's subtle implications.

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Using the NSA’s back door the Chinese walked off with 5.6 million fingerprints of critical personnel.The same back door was used to hack the Treasury Department on May 27th of last year in which millions of tax returns were stolen.And again, our most devastating hack as a nation was the Office of Personnel Management hack, in which 22 million sensitive files were stolen.Around 50% of its revenue is from the United States, 30% are from EMEA and 20% are from Asia.Over half of Juniper’s customers are in parts of the world in which the NSA has extreme interest. Released by Anonymous and dated February 2011 reveals that the British spy agency GCHQ, with the knowledge and apparent cooperation of the NSA, acquired the capability to covertly exploit security vulnerabilities in 13 different models of firewalls made by Juniper Networks.The programmer planted within Juniper by the NSA would have been audited by two senior coders.

They each would have read the code and immediately recognized the back door.

It is a high level set of principles for developing software that are imperative if a nation is to survive in a cyberwar.

For example, programmers must constantly be audited.

So, in 2011 he NSA surreptitiously got their back door into a powerful piece of security software used by many enemies of the US. The Internet underground knew of these back doors within weeks of their release, and so did the Chinese, and so did the Russians. Monitoring changes within major software systems is the simplest if all things.

Every hacker toolkit contains a compare program that will outline all changes made to a piece of software by the manufacturer.

Deng Xiaoping, in 1979 - his second year as supreme leader of China - perceived a fundamental truth that has yet to be fully grasped by most Western leaders: Software, if properly weaponized, could be far more destructive than any nuclear arsenal.