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8 rules to dating my teenage daughter

8 rules to dating my teenage daughter-55

When asked about the stage show, she said: 'Don"t tell my dad - he still doesn"t know! If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at After several years of being a single (shared-custody) dad, I have remarried to a wonderful woman.

And the little you’ve shared about your daughter — that she, at 10 years old, has the maturity and foresight and commitment to you to suggest family counseling after being so slighted in her own home by this woman she hardly knows — suggests that, if you’ve always been such an irresponsible father (and I’m not suggesting that’s the case), then she must have one hell of a stable and loving mother, or the two of you as parents just lucked the hell out. If she won’t agree to it, the answer is pretty clear.Either way, your daughter has given you a chance to have her back. A Florida mom has confessed to murdering a teenage boy in revenge for him allegedly raping her six-year-old daughter.The Chicago teen has amassed an impressive following of four million readers with her web blog Style Rookie and was recently whisked off to the glamorous tents of Bryant Park for front row seats at New York Fashion Week.As the photographs of Christie flashed up on screen, host Carol Mc Giffin asked if Miss Smillie was worried about her daughter's youth entering the business.When she started out as a model in her teens, her parents weren't exactly thrilled with their daughter's career path.

But proud mother Carol Smillie yesterday revealed her teenage daughter is following in her footsteps.

Connie Serbu lured 18-year-old Xavier Sierra to a wooded area in Naples, where she confronted him about the rape, before shooting him dead, police say.

She then called the cops herself, reportedly telling officers: 'So I don't care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter...

Due to distances in the relationship, my 10-year-old daughter did not have time to get to know her well before the new wife moved in.

After a couple of months, the two of them got into a spat about personal items in the shared living areas which ended with the new wife yelling, “I am your dad’s new wife, DEAL WITH IT!

She approached an agency and was signed up straight away, although later revealed her mother disapproved of the lingerie shots and her father took a magnifying glass to them to check for impropriety.