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Anderson cooper who is he dating

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Happier days: Gloria and husband Wyatt Cooper and sons Anderson (left) and Carter, at their Southhampton, NY home, were the portrait of a loving family.Wyatt died suddenly in 1977 and Carter committed suicide in 1988'But I was so devastated when I discovered what Zois had done that I felt I had no choice but to break things off with Christopher.

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Christopher inherited a large chunk of his father's vast recording fortune but back home in New York his life quickly unraveled.My kids are watching this for the ball drop and I had to turn it all off!', wrote one mother on Twitter.'Black men are IN JAIL for SELLING WEED and CNN is interviewing white people smoking weed and painting,' wrote another critic of the segment.The game got off to a rocky start with the first question being whether Cohen wears boxers or briefs.Cooper guessed boxers but Cohen shared that he's a briefs man.You guys got a little teasing.'After pointing out the legality of the substance, Cooper added; 'We are grown adults.

And she did not smoke.'His surprise, meanwhile, seemed to be with the last party Kaye attended that night.

Kaye also asked Cohen if he wanted her to pick anything up for him, and he requests Cheeba Chews, which are a marijuana-infused taffy candy 'Dose yourself properly, Randi.

We don't want any trouble from you,' he then joked.

After her segment ended, Cohen turned to Cooper and asked: 'Is Randi Kaye like, a notorious stoner that I don't know about? She's just very game to report and go to the front lines on things,' replied a very serious Cooper.

After the April release of Anderson and Gloria's film, 'Nothing Left Unsaid', the two half-brothers reconnected not long after.

, the longtime pals played a game of "One, Two, AC!