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Malcolm x dedating

With his earnings, he buys his first zoot suit, a flamboyant outfit fashionable on the street.He also gets his first “conk,” a hairstyle in which one’s hair is chemically straightened and flattened.

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Malcolm sees blacks, unwilling to accept their true appearance, doing themselves physical harm in order to make their hair fit a white ideal of beauty.Laura is an excellent dancer, but she has a protective grandmother, whom she must lie to and fight with in order to go out dancing.The second time Malcolm and Laura go dancing, they compete in a dance-off at the Roseland, winning over the crowd and even the bandleader, the legendary Duke Ellington.Malcolm eventually quits his ballroom job and makes his first appearance at the Roseland as a customer.Ella gets Malcolm a job as a clerk at a drugstore in Roxbury Hill.Shorty, who turns out to be from Lansing as well, works at the hall racking balls and tending tables, but he is also an aspiring saxophonist with contacts all over town.

Shorty immediately takes Malcolm under his wing, giving him pocket money and arranging a job for him.

Malcolm soon dumps Laura and begins to date Sophia.

Sophia has white boyfriends in addition to Malcolm, but Malcolm keeps her as a status symbol. Over the next few years, Malcolm hears about Laura’s falling out with her grandmother, her introduction to drugs, and her stint as a prostitute.

At the Roseland State Ballroom, where all the big bands perform, Malcolm replaces the shoeshine boy, who has just won the local numbers racket, an unofficial lottery played for small amounts of money.

The outgoing shoeshine boy trains Malcolm in the basics of the job, which include tending the men’s restroom, passing out towels, selling condoms, and shining shoes.

Malcolm quickly sees the difference between the pace and lifestyle of Boston and that of Lansing.