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Be successful with women and dating

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Yet “alpha females” are rarely celebrated in the same manner.In fact, they are often punished for their success and belittled, shamed, reprimanded and ridiculed.

These articles claim that women who are accomplished tend to have domineering traits that “must” make them somewhat unsettling to potential partners.That same survey found that 87 percent of men say they’d be with a woman who made more than they did and nearly 90 percent wouldn’t mind if she were more educated... Cohen, Ph D, and Karen Wilson, Ph D, as men’s academic motivation rises, so does their desire for a smart partner. A series of experiments at the University at Buffalo, for example, discovered that while men are turned on by the idea of intelligent women, the concept is tougher to swallow in practice — in fact, if a girl outperforms a guy on a test, he’ll express less romantic interest.” Men (as well as threatened women) who have these tendencies to label or stereotype successful women forget one thing: these women are not becoming successful to emasculate you, take away your perceived ‘power’ or whatever ridiculous notion may come to mind.They are successful because they want to achieve dreams of their own.Sadly, research shows that even highly educated men have a tendency to ‘avoid’ partnerships with women who are more ambitious and successful than they are (Fisman, et. Women who are interested in balancing family and work life, in turn, tend to ‘downplay’ their ambitions around single men in an effort to seem ‘family friendly’ (Pallais, et. Despite the fact that a man’s preferences for a less successful woman obviously plays a role in whether a partnership results, successful women are usually the ones poked and prodded to explore what “hidden” toxic traits they might have that must be contributing to their perceived failures in the dating world.Successful women are asked to bear the burden of “fixing” or “solving” whatever horrible perceived nuisances “must” come along with their success – something that successful men, I must emphasize, are rarely assumed to have or asked to be held accountable for.They are usually not interested in a power play, in winning, coming out on top or one-upping anyone – most of the time, successful women just want an equal partnership in which both partners respect and nurture each other’s dreams and goals.

They want to share the joys of their success with others.

It's a year where you let go of old beliefs and ideas and focus merely on looking at the world a lot more objectively.

One of the things to make peace with in this progressive age is dating a successful woman.

This is a sad double standard to witness and we need to call it out as we see it.

We rarely punish men for having a stable income and a thriving career (we ‘reward’ them instead with our time, energy, attention and ‘awe’), nor do we presume that there is something that must be too “bold” or unappealing about his other characteristics.

It’s not necessarily because she is lacking anything (though, that can occur sometimes with both successful men and women – this is a different matter that has little to do with success and more to do with personality as a whole).