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From her book Doctor Ruth's guide to talking about herpes, Dr.Ruth Westheimer compares the social stigma to that of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, "it can sometimes seem as if a large letter H is visible for all to see on their forehead; it is especially visible to any potential partners."[1] These two vital concerns, rejection and exposure, should be a core principal when developing a dating site designed exclusively for individuals living with herpes.

Likewise, the security infrastructure should prevent both their employees (including the developers) and malicious attackers/hackers from exposing a member's personal information.While in an instant messaging session members identify each other by their Two Can ID.The Two Can ID is an auto generated ID created upon registration that uniquely identifies users on our site, but also effectively hides their a herpes dating site that opens doors to others making similar choices.On members can easily search and review other members and safely build relationships without revealing their identity.A properly designed dating site will finally relieve the stress of exposure and rejection felt by the herpes dating community.

was created as a fun, private and secure dating site for people with HSV2 (genital herpes).

It should be maintained in such a way that the members of the site can control their ability to disclose private information, doing so only when they feel the time is right.

Private data in this regard can be pictures, videos, or certain information that can identify a member.

Our users can progressively build their trust with another user over time and through positive, safe online encounters.

We provide a safe dating environment by allowing members to chat online using our instant messaging system or communicate through our internal email system.

"In some cases, the fear of having such a discussion [about genital herpes], and the possible rejection that it might cause, is so strong that these individuals never date anyone ever again."[1] Breaking through the emotional barriers one suffers from when they have been wrongfully exposed to a sexually transmitted disease can be a serious challenge - so challenging that some may never date again.