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Who is diana taurasi dating

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It now seems more likely that Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend Penny Taylor could be the real girlfriend.We’re trying to figure out what the deal is here, folks!

Many believe Diana to be gay and Taurasi is assumed to be dating Penny Taylor who has divorced her Brazilian husband.She has played 367 games in the WNBA regular season and has amassed 19.9 points Diana Taurasi has not been married till date so does not have a husband.There have been rumors that Diana is gay since she does not have a partner or a spouse.It is rumored that Penny and Diana bought a 2268 square feet house on Manhattan Beach.Diana Taurasi, age 34, weighs 70 kg and stands tall at the height of 1.83 m. Diana Taurasi has been honored many times with awards like Nancy Lieberman Award, Wade Trophy, WNBA Rookie of the Year Award, NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player, WNBA Most Valuable Player Award, USA Basketball Female Athlete of the Year, to name a few.The very talented and beautiful, Diana Taurasi’s bio can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Diana Lorena Taurasi was born on 11th June 1982 and is a professional basketball player. She plays basketball for UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia.

According to many sites, Diana Taurasi has a girlfriend named Penny Taylor.

Penny Taylor is also a basketball player who plays for WNBC’s Phoenix Mercury.

Bird says she’s happy the league has become more supportive of gay players, noting that “homophobia hurts the league.” (Her fellow Olympic basketball teammates Brittney Griner, Seimone Augustus, and Angel Mc Coughty are all out, as well.) Bird and Rapinoe first met at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and found they had a lot in common: Rapinoe is also Seattle-based and plays for the women’s pro soccer team there, the Reign.

“Sue has the same convictions about her life and the things she believes in as I do but, I think, does it in a different way,” Rapinoe told ESNPW.”It’s important to create space for athletes—and people in general who are in the spotlight and don’t want all the attention on them—to be who they are in a way that’s comfortable for them.” Bird has spent 14 years in the WNBA, entering as the first draft pick in 2002.

She’s also earned four gold medals as part of the U.