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De Generes will earn $50 million this year to play nice with her audience and ask polite questions to her celeb guests, while the now-iconic Judge Judy will take home $48 million to do the exact opposite.

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That is due to the combination of the $15 million her gets for 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' along with the $12 million he is set to receive when he returns to host the new season of 'Idol' on ABC.Kelly has been spending the past few weeks gearing up for her big morning show premiere next month on September 25 at 9am in front of a live studio audience.On Tuesday morning, she appeared on a segment that was part of Today's 'Summer of Yes,' which encourages people to try something out for the first time.It is a tie for third with Matt Lauer earning $25 million for his twentieth season as the lead anchor on 'Today,' tying him with Katy Perry.The Grammy-winning songstress will be making the same amount as the news veteran for judging her very first season of the rebooted 'American Idol.'Kelly Ripa lands in fifth with $22 million, followed by another tie between Robin Roberts and Megyn Kelly.The morning show hosts both earn $18 million for their work on competing networks, which is more than every single other late night host on the list.

Kelly's salary is of particular interest given the amount of press that surrounded her move from Fox News to NBC, with her former employer offering her a reported four-year contract that would pay her a total of $100 million to stay on as host of 'The Kelly File.' Reports had her new salary as low as $12 million and most seemed to believe her contract was for $15 million, but it seems those numbers were all too low.

Also banking $12 million this year will be CNN host Anderson Cooper, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman for his new Netflix show.

That new show will tape just six extended episodes however, meaning that Letterman is getting the last laugh with a per-episode pay rate of $2 million.

Naturally, not one city is ideal for all single people.

Research consistently shows that people tend to be attracted to similar others, so it makes sense to choose a city that reflects your own values and interests.

If your goal is to get to know someone and you're on a budget, prioritize dates that allow for conversation, rather than dates that have steep price tags but limited chance for meaningful self-disclosure.