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Dating customs in the middle east

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However, the term Arab refers to culture and language rather than lineage.Just as Americans are of mixed race and ethnic backgrounds, so are Arabs.

Additionally, the growing number of liberal hangouts afford couples and singles the opportunity to flirt and mingle without the possibility of running into someone who might report back to their family, said Khalil "KK" Hareb, who works at La Calle. "People are going out more, it's very open, and now you can walk down the street in certain places [in Amman] and no one will bother you." Read more from Global Although just a limited segment of the Jordanian population appears to have embraced the lifestyle -- and it's easier for men than women -- their numbers are growing."It's still a certain part of the community, it's not the masses, but there are enough numbers now for it to be seen," said Madian al-Jazerah, owner of [email protected], a trendy bar in Amman.The Koran is its principle text, which Muslims believe god revealed to the Prophet Mohammed through the Angel Gabriel. Islamic law is also known as Sharia, and it has become part of the constitutions and secular laws of most countries.Some places, such as Saudi Arabia use Sharia law for all areas of jurisprudence."We're moving from a conservative society to a more open society," Al-Mahadeen said.

"It is expected that people's personal freedoms will continue to grow still wider." In the corner of a noisy bar on a Thursday night, Sheila, a Jordanian who asked only to use her first name, snuggled with her boyfriend and chatted with two friends.

The Internet and cell phones have provided young people with the means to privately communicate.

All the while, western media has flooded the Middle East, exposing people to more liberal lifestyles.

Upstairs couples mingle on the balcony where it's not uncommon to see a pair steal more than just a friendly kiss.

This is the scene of the new, trendy Middle East, where (for a small group) sex before marriage is possible.

The values of Arab culture are unique and often mysterious to Westerners.