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Blake lively and penn badgley dating 2016

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They used to separate their personal and professional lives, to keep their thoughts and viewpoints largely to themselves while revealing only a small portion of themselves in public.

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This is why we have irrational crushes on internet boyfriends like Oscar Isaac (and Chris Pratt before him).At her absolute worst, Lively is just mildly ignorant.Preserve’s antebellum kerfuffle and her interpretation of "Baby Got Back" are groan-worthy but not enough to ruin a day. It takes effort to feel things, good bad, about Lively.Culture critics have expressed their boredom accordingly. When she and Ryan Reynolds got married in 2012, Caity Weaver wrote for Gawker that "Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' wedding is the most interesting thing they've ever done," a response to the couple’s choice to get married in the South, despite Lively being from California and Reynolds from Canada.In the MTV piece quoted above, Bugbee describes Lively as "pleasant blankness." And Dlisted, a celebrity snark site, once referred to Lively as "a tepid lump of cream of wheat." Even her controversies are harmless.In 2014, Lively created a (now defunct) lifestyle brand called Preserve.

One of the brand’s online fashion stories was called "The Allure of Antebellum" and romanticized the sartorial tastes of white women in the Confederate South.

What we think we know about celebrities and project on them — their authenticity, their fakeness, their goals, their failures, their interests, their dislikes — we consume, we taste, we judge. Her gorgeous hair, no matter what movie she’s in, will always come down to her shoulders. She will always smile the same way in ads as she does in front of the paparazzi.

And when this strange process is complete, certain celebrities become people we like, while others are left wanting. It catches the sun and flash photography like a piece of jewelry. She’s beautiful in a way that wins you prom queen in a fairy-tale version of Southern California — a perfect avatar of blonde, casual and familiar. She will never stray far from what Blake Lively is supposed to look like, from how Blake Lively is supposed to behave. "I don’t know if I have ever been on a date," she told the Cut in 2013 when asked about her first one.

"Everybody in the whole world does their own styling," Lively responded, shrugging off the credit.

"They wake up in the morning and they put clothes on themselves." Blake Lively is an everyman.

Just watch the look on Ryan's face as he talks about Blake in this throwback video from an old interview, and you can tell that he always knew she was special.