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Validating summative assessment

Effective formative assessment practices are part of effective instruction (e.g., Black & Wiliam, 1998; Herman et al., 2006).Teachers need support to assess student skill in speaking and listening in order to foster development.

This method is simple, transparent and does not distort students’ raw marks obtained at the examination.Drawing on results from a grant-funded mixed-methods research project, this paper critically examines variables in eportfolio use at a tertiary level.Data from survey, interviews and focus groups across three disciplines were analysed.Several selection methods are compared mathematically and tested with simulated data using descriptive analysis.It is revealed that, performance of CCI method is better than other selection methods.You may also change your PIN or Security Questions at any time by selecting either the "Change PIN" or "Change Security" buttons after selecting "Submit" to login. PINs cannot be in ascending or descending order (Example: 123456/654321) and cannot repeat the same number for all six digits.

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Speaking and listening standards that require learners to construct oral arguments and supporting evidence and evaluate others’ arguments present challenges for teachers and students.

These challenges play out in the teaching-learning process and during formative assessment activities.

This plays a large role in the common problems undermining successful adoption and effective use.

A critical, research-informed perspective is essential to understanding and effectively utilizing eportfolios as assessment in higher education.

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