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His hair brushed my breast and tickled my stomach as his lips closed on my nipple.

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Slowly, you take off your coat and become filled with excitement and anticipation for our romantic date night. “I’ll just bring out my exam booklet in a second, Professor,” I said.They stare with lustful gazes at my womanly lady curves.Their attention has led to my fantasy of me becoming a cougar and seducing a hot young stud. February 5th – 28th (Drawing March 1st) One call, one space, one dollar!! Just like that, I’m immediately I’m as turned on as you.What this means is for every call that is made for the contest duration, I will put $1.00 into the prize pool. As crazy as it may seem what we do may not be for everyone. I know how to drive you mad with desire and you know how to get away with just enough to keep it fun.You have forgotten about tonight’s hockey game that we had planned to watch with our friends at the local sports bar. I took a long pause fumbling through my things, allowing more time for him to stare at my short skirt and my inviting sexy long legs. “I’m sorry Emma,” he said, “but the truth is, I gave you that note so that I might have a chance to speak to you in private.

When I turned around to see him, his face was flushed and sweating. I wanted you to seek me out here, in my office,” he said, Looking into his eyes I felt my legs becoming weak.

My way of pushing you to insanity is what you need. Still, hardly able to contain myself I wait for you check and be sure the coast is clear.

Hearing you whisper the tremble in your voice, knowing you are terrified and turned on at the same time is just as much a rush for me as it is for you. Although you should be resting and doing what’s expecting in life here I am tempting you and using your secrets to keep playing Hide & Seek so that we can continue our fun. By now silly boy you should know I’m going to tell you “got ya”.

Gazing deeply into your eyes, I run my hands between and up my thighs. We spend hours on your floor that night kissing, grinding, touching, hard fucking, and cumming.

You hold your breath as you wait for me touch my pussy, but realize that I am waiting for you to join me on the floor. We end up having the most exciting date night without leaving the house.

Naughty Victoria My Updated Tumblr and Twitter I am very turned on and needing you now. I am wearing my red lingerie, red lipstick, and my favorite black high heels.