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The fourth group consisted of crawfish harvested the previous day and purged for 24 hours in an aerated vat without access to feed.

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Therefore, this study was designed to obtain more definitive data regarding the effectiveness of the common saltwater bath in cleansing the hindgut of digesta.Today, Louisiana farmers produce almost 100 million pounds annually, worth approximately $150 million.Another $5 to $20 million is generated from the wild crawfish fishery. Notice the location of the hindgut in cooked crawfish after removal of part of the exoskeleton with the purged specimen on the left and the full “vein” of a nonpurged specimen on the right. As demand increased, particularly in the larger cities, and because the wild supply varied considerably from year to year, farmers began experimenting with methods to ensure a more consistent supply. Immigrants who settled near the waterways and swamps of Louisiana found a ready supply, and soon crawfish became an object of commerce, dating back to at least the late 1800s.Others will first empty the sack of live crawfish into a tub of water for a more thorough wash.

Many households will routinely add one to two pounds of salt in the wash water with the intent of “purging” the digestive tract before cooking.

As crawfish rub against each other in a crowded water bath, it loosens material from the exoskeleton.

The results of this study also suggest that a water bath may aid in lessening the amount of content contained in the hindgut by a small percentage.

Dedicated cooking rigs are used, often large enough to accommodate a 30- to 40-pound sack of crawfish – the typical means of transport.

Cooks will often empty the entire sack of crawfish into the pot, perhaps after a cursory wash.

The amount of hindgut content in crawfish was greatest among the nonwashed specimens.