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You’ll find two basic sorts of millionaire daters around: attractive folks, and wealthy individuals.

Other verifications, all offered free with membership, include photo, age, education, and occupation if you would like a badge on the site verifying that you are indeed as awesome as you claim.Millionnaire Match has an active community, mainly located in the US, UK, Australia and Canada - though many other countries are well represented too.The majority of profiles show that the members have at least something of interest to say, and it is rare to find one without a photo.Appear for any web-site that enables women seeking millionaires to join and use the web site for free.Web pages that let desirable and beautiful ladies join at no cost usually have superior good quality and more men, given that “when you’ve got fish, the fishermen will come”.Like other sites in this niche, MM benefits from a significant female following; in fact, active female members outnumber men by around 4 to 1.

While this may be good news for the men, women may find they have to work that little bit harder to get the attention of their chosen man.

The chat room usually has a fairly active stream of text chatter with members that become familiar quickly enough if you stay around for a bit.

The conversation can run from competitive to friendly to so far off topic that you have to check the title to make sure you're in the right place.

With gold membership comes the option to become a certified millionaire by verifying your income with the site, via tax return copy or bank statement, and thus earning a blue gem that will show up next to your name for others to see.

Photo verification is compulsory for certified members, who must display an approved face photo on their profile page.

The blog and forum sections see only a couple dozen posts on average per day, but unlike the chat they allow participation by free members.