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Ideas for dating anniversaries

Keepsake: Make sure you get a group photo to frame.For extra fun: Invite your best man and maid of honor to join you. For milestones: Reserve a private room at a nice restaurant so you can laugh and celebrate as loudly as you please with your loved ones.

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Make it personal: Incorporate your wedding date or anniversary into the drive. Drive six miles and turn, then four miles, then 16 miles and stop. Hit the highway and take the sixth exit down the road. The date: If you have little kiddos, it can be tough to swing a night out on the town to celebrate.Make it $1, $5 or $10 per year—the less you spend, the more creative you have to be!Make it personal: This idea is already about as personal as it gets.(Honestly, we never get tired of this idea.) For extra fun: Plan the evening on your own and surprise your loved one with the trip down memory lane—from start to finish.For milestones: Recreate a recreation…or your honeymoon…or choose a memorable weekend and relive the whole thing. Climb in the car, pick a direction, and drive till you see something interesting.They go from sweet and simple to a little bit more…adventurous.

The date: Celebrating your anniversary with your family—just the kids, your parents and in-laws, or everyone within driving distance—can be pretty awesome.

Make it personal: Choose areas with connections to your family’s heritage or places you lived or visited as a child.

Keepsake: Get a world map or globe and mark it with your “travels.” (Fun fact: The traditional gift for anniversary number one is paper—what a great way to start!

For example: For anniversaries 1-9, try cuisines from different parts of Europe—and for your 10th anniversary, travel by train from country to country.

The date: Whether it was dinner and a movie, meeting for a cup of coffee, or making out in your dorm room after a football game, recreate the experience of your first date and bring back the emotions you felt when you first connected.

The date: Instead of making plans, make something for each other, and exchange gifts over dinner.