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Navigating the world of online dating

We frequently live and die them by projecting our assumptions on to others, by writhing behind projections placed on us, by doing nothing when we recognize them for what they are.Labels: those tight-lipped containers of identity that are supposed to sum us up, yet rarely do, no matter what side of them we’re on.

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This spiritual perspective gives your relationship—as well as your orientation toward it—room to breathe and evolve more naturally, rather than being driven by agendas of ego and fear. And to the extent that you’re willing to be open to viewpoints different from your own, you’ll have expanded your mind, tolerance and dating options in the process.When it comes to love and romantic prospects, relying on labels helps us categorize the .Labels alert us to whether we’re safe or doomed—and, they have a convenient way of stacking up for or against that new person we’ve considered clicking on.For this reason, as a spiritual person, introducing the art of practicing presence in every moment makes us available to what’s happening as it happens.because that’s the feeling that drifts in when we’re able to make room for everything as it arises—every emotion, detail and possibility.Given the choice of tossing our hearts in the direction of the unknown versus sticking with what we think we know about love and compatibility, we fall back too often on the safety of our assumptions and limit our ability to show up wholeheartedly to the love we seek.

Another thing about labels: by definition, a label is associated with language that classifies a person or thing in a limiting or restrictive way.

Add to that the willful act of labeling ourselves and it moves us that much farther out from the hope of real connection.

If you’re looking for love—online or off—and you self-identify as ‘spiritual‘, a word of caution here, just because it bears repeating: From the pulpit to politics, we’ve seen the futility of labels to accurately convey the spirit of the things or people they’re attached to.

I’ve had a couple of long-ish term relationships and a lot of not-so-great first dates.

I’ve made a few friends and collected a few nut jobs whose phone number is still in my contact list so I know not to answer the phone. My hope is that by sharing information and stories you will feel more comfortable heading out into the world of online dating. The article, OKCupid Turns Dating Game into a Rat Race originally appeared on Walker OKCupid made the news last week—in one of those ways that businesses don’t typically prefer when it comes to getting publicity.

I’ve been sharing a lot of dating articles recently because the idea of dating after many years in a marriage can be terrifying for some women.