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Navigating the world of online dating

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Add to that the willful act of labeling ourselves and it moves us that much farther out from the hope of real connection.

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As a spiritual person, this act of openness to life frees you up to connect not only to a renewed sense of curiosity at the mystery of the moment, but it also goes a long way to make your date feel seen and comfortable in your began in all sincerity as a reminder to reflect on choices offered by our highest selves in moments of challenge and uncertainty.In any situation, it’s a powerful spiritual practice to continually return ourselves to our highest mind and wisest selves.We’ve seen the wedge that our labels drive in between our attempts to connect and understand each other.That’s why it’s so important to move beyond the names we call ourselves and into the act of authentic relating. It’s important to be clear on this point before presenting yourself as such to a potential partner.Enduring long meetings, networking like a boss at a professional mixer and dating new people share a common trait: they’re exhausting.

To some of us, going on dates with strangers ranks lower on the enjoyment scale than cleaning catboxes.

Our labels come with assumptions built in, and knowing what yours are beforehand will help you articulate your desires effectively.

I once dated a guy who prided himself on being healthy.

I’ve had a couple of long-ish term relationships and a lot of not-so-great first dates.

I’ve made a few friends and collected a few nut jobs whose phone number is still in my contact list so I know not to answer the phone. My hope is that by sharing information and stories you will feel more comfortable heading out into the world of online dating. The article, OKCupid Turns Dating Game into a Rat Race originally appeared on Walker OKCupid made the news last week—in one of those ways that businesses don’t typically prefer when it comes to getting publicity.

Even more important, it’s not your definition and label that matters nearly as much as your actions.