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Macbook pro battery icon not updating

Apple explained in a statement to Business Insider: "With mac OS Sierra we have continued to advance our power management, and by design there is now an increased range between high performance and low-power states. NXMru5CTa — John Gruber (@gruber) December 13, 2016 However, Mac users will still be able to get a rough estimate of how much battery life their laptops have left.When combined with the differing ways people use their Mac throughout the day, the calculation of remaining battery life displayed as a measure of time has become less accurate. But instead of the toolbar, users will have to find it in Activity Monitor.

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I first came across coconut Battery a few years ago after discovering that my 2010 Mac Book Pro’s battery was potentially dying, I figured a third-party app to easily keep tabs on the cycle count would be a good idea.The piece that matters day to day, time remaining on battery, can vary between i Stat Menus and coconut Battery in large ways.I’ve seem time remaining differences ranging from a few minutes up to half an hour when comparing the apps side-by-side.coconut Battery is lightweight, so I had no qualms with continously running it, and liked the cleanliness it provided all around.Similar to i Stat Menus, coconut Battery has a customizable menu bar icon that also provides a dropdown for stats.coconut Battery is available as freeware, and the developer accepts donations if users are so inclined.

After having used both apps over the years, something I’ve always noticed is that the battery statistics vary from app to app.

The decision feels akin to when Apple decided to rework the math that calculated signal strength back in the i Phone 4 days; it’s a decision that effects users even if they can’t immediately tell how.

There are lots of new tweaks and improvements in the latest update to mac OS, Apple's operating system for laptops, but there's one change that most Mac users will recognize immediately.

Mac users used to be able to get a rough estimate of how much battery life their laptop had left by clicking on the battery icon in the toolbar.

Click on it, and it would tell you about how much time you could get out of your laptop's juice, based on your remaining battery life and current usage.

Although those computers performed well in tests of display quality, performance, and other factors, we found the battery life to be so variable on the models tested that we could not recommend them to consumers.