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Either way, it's like a state of mind caught in between sleep and awake. I woke up unable to move and heard noise that eventually turned into screaming.

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It took great control and effort to move myself out of this state.I am caught between what I think is going on with me, maybe it’s a combination of both and this spirit (or spirits) know exactly when to attack a person.No matter if it’s a spirit or sleep paralysis or both it’s scary as hell.they scare me sometimes but they have happened so many times they dont scare me as much..i would really like to know if other people experience what i heart was beating so bad i felt like demons was trying to posses me i don't know but damn it! I'm gonna have to deal with it anyways but it helps a lot that people has the same problem.

i should also note i have sleeping problems where i sleep so late at night cause i feel so paranoid, i just feel like a presence in the room at night every time i try to go to sleep and with these experiences it doesn't help!

It reoccurs over time sometimes more then once in a night where I am scared to sleep or couple times a week or once in a few months or even a year or so will pass and then I will have it again.

We both though off and on as well have had the other dream happen many times where you feel awake but you can not move for like 10 min. My sister and I always wondered what was happening to us, but sleep paralysis with sometimes having night terror is seeming to explain what is happening to us. It happens both when I am falling asleep or waking from sleep.

I struggle and curse to break free, eventually crying out, which wakes me up. There are times I've considered seeking help from a priest!

I have these dreams really often, its like im just after going asleep and i awake up and im in my room i cant move my arms or legs sometimes i can move my toes and fingers i cannot talk or scream no matter how much i try..

my sister and i have had same thing happen since about the age of 5years old and we r 27 years of age now.