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And often, as one peer educator put it, “in this time of information and modern living, young people may know more about these issues than their parents.” But providing young people with the proper training, the skills, guidance, incentives and the feedback they need to actually be effective peer educators proves to be a huge task.

Since then, HIV has infiltrated the general population in many countries, hitting hardest among young people.Topics covered include community empowerment, addressing... HIV and young men who have sex with men This brief aims to inform discussions about how best to provide health services, programmes and support for young MSM.It offers a concise account of current knowledge concerning the HIV risk and vulnerability of young...In 2005, this partnership resulted in numerous public service announcements and celebrity involvement at national and local levels.The campaign reaches close to 400 million households in 166 countries and territories.A training guide has been developed to facilitate the effort.

— Don Hinrichsen and Janet Jensen Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Men Who Have Sex with Men This document is a tool containing practical advice on implementing HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) programmes with men who have sex with men.

Aleksandar Bodiroza, who manages the Y-PEER programme for UNFPA.

“We're taking activities and techniques that have been developed at the community level and bringing them up to scale, using both the Internet and linkages with the mass media.” As the network has continued to grow and mature, it has become the standard for similar efforts globally, Bodiroza said.

“It’s too late for me,” Natalia sighs, “ but others can be saved from my fate thanks to the work being done by the peer education network.

It has made a real difference in the lives of young people here.” Y-PEER began in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2000, at a time when HIV prevalence was beginning to skyrocket, fueled by needle sharing among injecting drug users.

“Thanks to Y-PEER,” she continues, “we have an active web site, electronic mailing lists, training manuals and each other to share information and experiences.” Forging alliances is also crucial to the success of Y-PEER and its efforts to empower young people to protect their health.