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Complicating matters is the fact that Wolfman and Simonson occasionally worked together (and in fact co-wrote the (which Wolfman had been scripting for a long time). And why is a de-aged Ray Palmer Atom in that shot with them?

It makes sense: Impulse and Supergirl were already part of the team, DC obviously had plans to add the teenage Ray Palmer to (some version of) the team, and if we examine Split’s appearance in Steel #0, he’s less the grown-up villain from Steel #6 and more of a misguided kid (I should point out that Steel #0 came out after the release of Steel #6, in case that numbering is confusing to you): And while Split’s powers would’ve knocked the socks off the Legion of Super-Heroes like they were mistaking a time-displaced Bluejay for a teleporter in #2… The back pages of the floppy feature this helpful recap of Matrix Supergirl’s history: Short and sweet. The book ran for almost half a decade (from 1990-1994) and was by no means a perfect comic: I enjoyed issues #1, #3, #5, and #8 (and #8 only because seeing Qwardian versions of the Justice League was pretty neat – at least back then, now it’s old hat) and the rest were pretty take-it-or-leave-it material.I’m sure some of the jokes would be more rewarding if I knew who these people were, but Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s book is so well-paced, so comically sad, and so inventive that it is pretty much a perfect way to get into Marvel if you aren’t already (I’d vote Hawkeye accomplishes the exact same feat slightly better and in a more serious way, but I’ll get to that in a bit).You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not picking up Daredevil is a unique case in the sense that I’ve always followed Daredevil (dating back to when I was nine) but never with the interest and dedication as I did with Mark Waid’s recently-ended (and relaunched) series.Same team is now working on the new Daredevil series, which follows a disbarred-in-New York Murdock as he attempts a new career in San Francisco.I kind of hope he’ll return to New York, though, since Daredevil swinging around a crime-laden Hell’s Kitchen/Manhattan always seemed so cool. #1 in 1990, but I knew he was a popular character and the book was being written by Warren Ellis (whom I’ve praised the virtues of before) so I wanted to check it out.follows the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning as they come into conflict with the Hellfire Academy, some students defecting from one school to the other, Wolverine’s brother making an appearance, Mystique making a throwaway “women in refrigerators” joke, and more.

This was an entertaining book, and very easy for a new reader to get into.

Now it’s completely different and also sucks” mandate of 2011-2016. A few days ago, I was perusing the Teen Titans section of TV Tropes’ What Could Have Been – Comic Books page and noticed Split’s name.

I’m so happy DC decided to retire the whole “Remember this thing you liked?

Meanwhile, Marvel was busy launching its Marvel NOW! Going back and researching Red Raven, for example, and discovering she’d been around for 20 years and was the third Red Raven to exist, or looking up Mettle and learning about the Avengers Academy, made the experiences of these kids on Murderworld pretty gripping even for a newb, The title refers not to the Fantastic Four, but rather the Reed Richards-created Future Foundation, an oddball collection of heroes (Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk, and others) serving as mentors and teachers for an even more oddball collection of youngsters.

initiative, resetting existing titles to #1, bringing on new creative teams, and introducing new books. Matt Fraction’s involved, charming stories and Mike Allred’s playful art make this a book I’ll go back to when the chance presents itself (or when I know enough about the Marvel U to just dive right in).

Chris Samnee’s art reminds me of Mike Allred’s on , but a bit darker.