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Some fought and supported the Confederacy in a war caused by numerous political and cultural differences with their northern neighbors. My grandfather was a blacksmith who came to Princeton to work in the Virginian shops.Fred, you should be proud of your ancestors and heritage. My Dad graduated from Princeton High School and served in the US Navy during World War 2.

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In Hamilton County they stole food, horses, clothing, firearms and ammunition.Frances Roney, the daughter of Bill Roney died at age 66. She and her sister Renee were developmentally disabled. The obituary is on the Seaver web site Unfortunately Ohio has had a problem with hate groups. Cookie and Mike, When I discuss slavery, I am Making conversation. Emotions were high and people were afraid to travel . Now she might enjoy that southern drink mint julip Cookie just said "well we've gone full circle.President Grant created the Justice Department in order to monitor hate groups such as the Kkk. In 1867 he was elected to the office of County Clerk in the new state of West Virginia. Thanks to the total eradication of common sense now I'm afraid to travel. My Callaway and Ballard ancestors remained loyal to the United States. Mike why do you think that I am defensive and shame others?Ten per cent can be attributed to Native American relatives. The remainder, a whopping 65% came from conservative, freedom loving, hard working, Southerners (mostly from South Carolina and Georgia).

Their last names were Davis, Lee, Beauregard, and Brown.

No you just parrot cliches and forment conflict to emphasize your liberal misguided misinformed beliefs. Fred- My reference to boiling over was to the removal of statues and your need to inflame racial hatred by implication. Fred, What in the world does Col Jennifer have to do with anything.

People like you are trying to shame amyone who disagrees with them by claimin they are Racists. Folks I am sorry I should consider the source and let this go but things are begining to boil over. I appreciate your trying to help me be a better progressive, but pretty much have my personal and professional life where I want it to be. It is a travesty to destroy and otherwise remove monuments erected to notables on both sides of the conflict. Just because some may be offended is of little justification I am offended by liberal snow flakes too weak to accept the reality of the past but I cannot do anything about it.

You spew the progressive liberal claptrap from the internet to try to make yourself look like a champion of the berieved. Mike, do you believe that I am making a generaliztioon that all descendants of rebel soldiers are racist, then you need to stop. I don't believe that you and Delores from the forest are members of the KKK or any other hate group.

For instance have you looked at who is included by the illegitimate hate group Southern Law Center in their listing of hate groups? Please seek mental health counseling if you are boiling over.?? I favor those moves because the decendants of the 1200 homeless refugees from Princeton won't have to be reminded of the cruel treatment their ancestors received from Col Jennifer.

I applaud your good efforts and note that our Blog would be far less interesting were you not an active participant. His children were students at the local public schools.