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Updating funky winkerbean

Morse helped organize the Holyoke Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Task Force, which in turn created the Western Massachusetts Youth Pride Prom.The event annually draws hundreds of gay youth who would otherwise find little or no acceptance at their own high school proms.

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What’s been the most remarkable part of your journey so far? And the most remarkable thing is that I’ve been able to move ahead with the work and take my readers with me and still have them there. After you graduated from Kent State University in 1969, you initially wanted to work for Marvel or DC Comics? [DC Comics editor] Julie Schwartz had sent me these beautiful originals. He also turned me down, but he said, “This stuff is as good as some of the stuff we have now, but we don’t need that. I never went back because I was teaching school in Elyria, Ohio, and I walked into the local paper, took my sketchbook, and I thought I could get a job doing spot art.The mayor of Holyoke, for one, knows the situation quite well.Six years ago, when he was an out gay student at Holyoke High School, Alex B.The most remarkable aspect has been having readers follow you on this journey. I was doing them really big, and Joe said do them the right size. We need better.” Which was a con, but it was very nice. I guess I was thinking some syndicate president would say, “You should be doing a strip.” But the editor there said, “We have this thing called the Tuesday Teen page and I’d like to have a panel cartoon for it.” And he was looking through my sketchbook and because I was teaching, I was sketching the kids in school, the teachers and putting funny little comments for my own amusement.When I started, was ostensibly a high school strip with teens, and I was supposed to speak to my generation and now when I go out and I’m giving a talk, I look out over the audience and there are a lot of gray heads out there. As I’m walking out the door, he’s like, “And don’t go telling everybody Joe Orlando is giving out free originals! He said work on your stuff and when you think you can do better … He liked it and so I started doing this cartoon once a week called Rapping Around.One school close to him let Batiuk sit in on some classes to get a sense of how students feel about gays. “This generation is more accepting and tolerant of this issue,” Batiuk found.

Batiuk, who also co-authors “Crankshaft” with Chuck Ayers, knows from hard experience that there are some readers who feel the only role of comic strips is to be funny. “Comics should live in the moment and be part of the moment,” he said.

Pulitzer judges cited Batiuk’s controversial story line in which his Lisa character battles cancer – a subject not typically covered in the funny pages. Royalties from the sales of Batiuk’s , a series of books that reprint the comic-strip story, also accrue to the fund.

“That sort of validated my career for me because there are only four … “It’s amazing to think you can take a comic character and do some real-life good and help people out,” says Batiuk, who lives near Akron, Ohio.

I really liked doing it and I forgot all about Marvel and DC Comics.

I got such a nice response to it that I started getting thoughts of syndicating, and my energy was focused on doing a syndicated strip. Let’s jump to 1999, when you decide to give your Lisa character breast cancer.

Is Tom Batiuk responding to criticism of his comic strip’s storyline showing a major character slowly wasting away from a terrible disease (in which case it’s clumsy and really, really isn’t working), is this intended as irony (and the Catch-22 of irony is that it’s very difficult to say it’s not working), or is he just completely clueless?