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Robert downey jr dating

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Anna's mother confirmed the news to a Swedish news outlet when she said: 'I'm very happy to be getting another grandchild.

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About ten years ago, Robert Downey Jr.’s career and life seemed to be in shambles.Although the pair split five years later, they have remained great friends - and Hugh is godfather to Elizabeth's son Damien, 15, with businessman Steve Bing.Meanwhile, Hugh is reportedly set to become a father for the fifth time as his partner Anna Eberstein - with whom he already has son John, five, and a two-year-old daughter - is said to be pregnant.This September, as we celebrate the recovery of Robert Downey Jr.and the millions of other people who have achieved sobriety, Adolescent Counseling Services encourages parents to have a talk with their teenagers about the dangers and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse and to seek help if you believe that your child may be using.After hearing about his comments, the Iron Man star reached out to Hugh on Twitter, insisting he 'respects' him and wants to 'break bread' with him.

Robert wrote on Friday: 'A lot has happened over two decades! Grant has matured as an artist & voice against violations of privacy.

Let’s break bread together soon #burythehatchet2018.'His gesture of goodwill comes after Hugh said during The Jess Cagle Interview: 'He hated me.

He took one look at me and wanted to kill me.'When asked as to why, Hugh protested: 'I don't know! 'Robert previously said of the Notting Hill star: 'I just thought he was a d**k, that's all. 'You know, and that could be something that has to do with me, or it could just be that not everyone in this industry is someone I'd care to hang out with.'Hugh, 57, who is rumoured to be expecting his fifth child with girlfriend Anna Eberstein, 35, also opened up about fatherhood - which he dubbed 'enchanting'.

'I start every day with my five-year-old son performing his entire nativity play to me at 5am twice. Grant, who is currently promoting his new film Paddington 2, also revealed that one of his cheeky sons grumbled as to why he was in the movie so much. The 57-year-old actor admitted he bonded with his former flame as they were both out of work.

Speaking on The Jess Cagle Interview, Hugh said: 'We're like brother and sister...

Downey later told Oprah Winfrey in November 2004 that “when someone says, ‘I really wonder if maybe I should go to rehab?