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After that it takes 8 shots to deplete their hull health (184 remaining, 26 damage per shot), for a total of 14 shots. While the Tanks do the most of the damage, the Vikings give increased sight so that the Tanks can utilize their full range.Air dominance is a very important aspect of Tv T, as whoever has control of the air will get both the range-bonus for his Tanks, as well as the ability to safely mix Banshees and other air units.

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They can also be used to deter Protoss air units, as Vikings out-range Void Rays and Phoenixes.The Viking is considered an aerial unit during the full three seconds of transformation.This makes it quite good at hit and run tactics against ground units that can't hit air, as the Viking can liftoff as soon as they are in danger.In the late-game, Vikings are very effective against Corruptors and a hard counter to Brood Lords.However when Brood Lords are supported by Corruptors and Infestors care must be taken because exposed Vikings can be caught by Fungal Growth.Another option is to land them on unreachable cliffs, to fire at troops underneath them, especially when the enemy doesn't have air units providing sight.

Vikings are often a key aspect of Tv T all game long as there is no clear counter for it.

Therefore to trade cost-efficiently the Vikings should be spread out to reduce the splash damage.

Additionally, Kiting helps to fight Corruptors due to the Viking's superior range.

Thors can be used to keep Vikings at bay, but as Thors deal low damage against non-light air units, they don't kill Vikings very easily.

Battlecruisers can be a viable option in the late game, but as Vikings have longer range, are cheaper and faster to build, Battlecruisers (especially without Yamato Cannon) do not trade against them cost-effectively.

In the early-mid game they can also be used for harassing the opponent's mineral line, and in some cases they can be well used as a part of the Terran's ground army.