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Comic con san diego speed dating

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Fact o’ the matter is, I don’t think fan conventions, whether they be Star Wars/Trek, comic, anime or general science fiction/fantasy should be seen as a place filled with potential girlfriends or boyfriends and I don’t can, in fact, bloom on the con floor.

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with a couple of additions: Comfortable walking shoes- You’re going to spend more time on your feet than you expect. Refills are free; just find a water fountain and voila.not to mention a little fiber to help deal with some of the less savory aspects of an all junk-food diet.Hand santizer – Cons are giant bubbling vats of disease, birthing new and evolutionarily superior bacteria that piss all over Ebola on the way to causing diseases… Nearly everyone I know who goes to conventions regularly speaks in hushed tones about “Con Crud”, that nebulous, protean disease that strikes professional and fan alike, laying dormant in your system until you get home… You can safely assume that just about everyone you encounter is an unwitting carrier of con-crud, so a liberal use of anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer will be the just the thing when you’re spending a long weekend in the writhing masses of the great unwashed. What’s the first thing you think of when you think of “sci-fi convention stereotypes” – besides hordes of people walking around in bad Klingon costumes?The fact that they’re enjoying the attention people are paying them however, doesmean that they’re there looking to get laid or find a boyfriend or appreciate being hit on.By all means, take their photo (with their permission) or get your photo taken with them (ditto) but as with the guests and vendors, keep it polite, simple and short.Now keep in mind: I said “making friends is the time to chat people up and make new connections; you’re not interfering with their work and you’re not inadvertently trapping them at their table. Now, before you start yelling at me for missing the point of fan conventions, allow me to explain.

The con bar is where the action is; this is where the deals are really made, the friendships are forged and the scandalous hook-ups happen. Yes, conventions are places for geeks to come together and revel in their nerdery with neither fear nor shame.

Some fresh fruit – apples, pears, bananas, will make you feel refreshed.

You’ll feel better for eating something that’s actually healthy, plus, they’ll help keep your body in working order by providing a welcome relief from your massive sodium intake…

Even if your intentions are among the purest, even if all you want to do is network, the likelyhood is that at the end of the day, you’re going to be a vaguely blurry memory in a sea of faces that they saw that day.

The best practice here is keep it short and sweet and not to hog their time and attention.

They’re there predominantly to market themselves and sell their products – even when the product is themselves.