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Outlook updating inbox slow

Behind the scenes the sign-in assistant is taking care of that for you. As I understand it, the sign-in assistant does not interact with Outlook.

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It’s usually when Outlook starts but occasionally happens in the middle of the day.Most people find that checking the box to “remember my credentials” makes the prompt disappear for days or weeks but others have it popping up frequently, as often as every few minutes.(Again, to be clear, most people don’t see this at all.This isn’t widespread.) Take a peek under the hood to understand why it’s not supposed to do that.The prior Microsoft service, Microsoft Online Services (aka Business Productivity Online Suite, aka BPOS) installed the Microsoft Online Services Sign In program, which ran at startup and displayed its little blue icon continuously down in the lower right corner.It’s a huge download and slow to install and frequently requires a system restart. 3: LOOK THROUGH WINDOWS CREDENTIALS Windows 7 has an interesting Credential Manager.

A couple of days ago another update began to be pushed as an Important update, called “Update Rollup for Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant.” The KB article describes users being “repeatedly prompted for credentials.” Looking deeper into it makes me think that the update actually addresses a completely different problem and does not affect Outlook – but it’s a striking coincidence that an update for the Sign In Assistant appeared at exactly the moment that I was looking for it. 2: SAVE CREDENTIALS AT THE OFFICE 365 PORTAL Each time I’ve gone to the Office 365 portal on the desktop of a user being prompted by Outlook, I’ve been prompted to put in the Office 365 password. (Type in “credentials” in the upper right corner of Control Panel.) Vista has a rudimentary version of the same thing – look in User Accounts for “Manage Your Network Passwords.” My list above has a number of names that include RED001.

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Microsoft Office 365 has been tremendously successful so far, certainly from a sales perspective (millions of subscriptions, although the exact number is kept under wraps), but more importantly it’s also been successful from a technical perspective.

He reports Office 365 mailboxes that have gone through seven different servers.

Either Microsoft is making more changes than expected as they balance out the Office 365 load, or there’s an error in the way the servers are set up that causes them to challenge users too often. 1: INSTALL OFFICE UPDATES In my experience, the repeated password prompts are happening far more often with Outlook 2007 than with Outlook 2010.

There has been no downtime for the last few months.