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Naming a few: how to swim, how to drive, how to ride a bicycle.

So, Laura told Steve to put the Steve clone into the transformation chamber and make him turn into Stefan Urquelle. She pretended to break up with him as a ploy to get him to stay with her and when it failed, she not only sued him for alienation of affections, but also resorted to stalking and spying on him (although Laura was dating Stefan Urquelle).Though at first, he went over there just to see his crush Laura, but after making friendly relationships with everyone else, he decided to see the other members of the family.If Laura breaks Steve's heart, he says something to make her regret saying whatever insulted him.Steven Quincy "Steve" Urkel was introduced as The Winslows pesky, annoying next door neighbor. Cool, while he was Stefan Urquelle, they showered him with love and introduced him to the rest of his relatives.It was revealed that he likes coming over to their house more than his own because he sees Carl and Harriette as the loving parents that he should've had. Herb and Diane Roberta Urkel have nothing but the utmost contempt for him and do their part to avoid him at all times. It was also revealed that, although nerds themselves, Dr and Mrs.If the show continued in its final season, he also would have gotten a high-paying job at an Internet start-up company where the boss reveals that the company would never have gone public without the hiring of minority employees.

This disgusted him because it was racist and went to Carl for help.

He professed unrequited love for neighbor Laura Winslow, perpetually annoyed her father, Carl, and tried to befriend her brother Eddie (whom Steve calls "Eddo").

Amongst the rest of the family, Harriette, Rachel, Richie and "mother" Estelle Winslow were more accepting and caring of Urkel.

Stefan seemingly accepted it and moved on with his life, though in the Season 10 episode Death of a Stefan it is revealed that Stefan and Steve are two halves of one being, and his cool and suave nature blends back into Steve's personality, deepening his voice and making him far more mature and self-assured than before, and dressing better.

He later in the season becomes the father of Stephanie Laurine Urkel, born in 1999.

Herb Urkel (father) Diane Urkel (mother) Laura Winslow (wife) Steven Aloysius Urkel (future son) Steven Bertram Urkel (future son) Steven Cornelius Urkel (future son) Stephanie Sue Urkel (future adopted daughter) Stephanie Laurine Urkel (future daughter) Stefan Urquelle (alter-ego cool)Carl Winslow (father-in-law) Harriette Winslow (mother-in-law) Richie Crawford (godnephew) Myrtle Mae Urkel (cousin) Big Daddy Urkel (uncle) Uncle Cecil Urkel (uncle) Cornelius Eugene Urkel (cousin) Julie Urkel (cousin) Aunt Oona Urkel (aunt) Uncle Omar Urkel (uncle) Uncle Ernie Urkel (uncle) Aunt Muriel Urkel (aunt) Cleotus Urkel (cousin) Dirk Urkel (uncle) Unnamed grandfather Unnamed grandmother Steven Quincy Urkel (born July 25, 1976), generally known as Steve Urkel or just Urkel, is a fictional character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters. Originally slated to have only one appearance on the show, he soon became its most popular character.