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Focus on the family online dating

She leads the Boundless team in discussions on relevant issues, interviews authors, artists and other newsmakers, facilitates Q&A, and shares experiences from her personal life.

There are cultural factors that play into this high rate of singles.A female friend said that when men get to 30, they get comfortable.They aren’t in a rush like a lot of women in their 30’s, who want to settle down and start a family. She dated a lot of non-believers, who were great people, but the question was would she rather be in a marriage, but still lonely? That’s a huge theological discussion, actually, and it comes down to trust.Where we run into trouble happens when singles start to compromise on their values.They can rush into an online relationship and give way too much emotionally too early on.Concerning being equally yoked, do you think today’s Christian singles are aware just how important it is to have a believer for a spouse?

I think most self-described evangelicals understand that.

Lisa Anderson, Director of Young Adults, Focus on the Family Sam Moorcroft, President of Christian, speaks with Focus on the Family’s Lisa Anderson regarding Christian singles and the Church.

Lisa Anderson hosts The Boundless Show, Focus on the Family’s popular podcast for young adults.

Is he on a trajectory that is moving towards maturity in his Christian walk?

So, it may not be a case of dating a non-believer; rather, dating a non-committed Christian.

This isn’t good for choices of spouse, but also in careers, world outlook, etc.