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Creek without a paddle dating

-ONE- Larry and Dan watched as their friend frantically struggled against the ropes.

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He was perplexed that he was now getting hard while thinking of Natalie, the littlest sister on the block. " Natalie was trying to conceal her excitement at the prospect of tying up her neighbor. Behind their houses, there was a creek where they often played, caught pollywogs, built clubhouses, and the like.It was a close neighborhood and the younger sisters of Larry's friends always were considered bratty sisters.Larry was a year older than his friends, two years older than Dan's sister, Priscilla, and a full three years older than Natalie.Larry was preoccupied as he and Dan took the short walk home.Dan actually lived next door to Greg with Larry being just two doors further.He had never thought of her as anything but a brat until now. You didn't get to collect because of me." He held his breath not believing where this was leading. Across the creek, there was a thicket that was rarely visited.

Larry raced to his bedroom when he got home and locked the door behind him. I beat Greg at free throws and we never had time to play." "Oh yeah," he responded as if that fact had never occurred to him. I hardly ever get to play." Larry's eyes stayed on her as she closed the door behind her. Natalie thought she was misinterpreting what he was saying. Any noise generated was lost in the rippling of the water. Natalie was starting to get a little apprehensive about Larry's intentions. She had felt Larry has been behaving differently lately, but she wasn't aware that Larry was getting turned on by the idea of her being in control. She had been conned by her brother too often not to be suspicious.

With the free hand he fought off his sister and was finally able to work his other hand free.

By this time, it had grown late and Larry and Dan said they had to go. Greg felt embarrassed by having his little sister in control even for a short time.

She swung the ball between her legs and lofted the ball toward the loop.

The ball bounced several times on the rim before it finally went through. "You have to be tied up until we're through playing basketball!

To get his sister out the way, Greg said she could play if she could shoot more free throws in a row that he could. "OK sis, take your shot," Greg said as he bounced the ball over to his sister.