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Black lesbian dating services

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The lesbian-specific social networking sites I found were built using free networks like Ning, which limits the amount of messages you can send per day, so if you joined a lesbian site that uses Ning and sent five messages and then decided to log into another Ning-based site, you would be blocked from sending any more messages that day. The other issue I encountered with lesbian social networking sites was that the majority of their members were white.

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There were a great many resource websites for black lesbians or Native American lesbians, but those sites did not provide an opportunity for members to interact with each other. Interestingly, the social networking sites were predominantly heterosexual.It is an option for older lesbians of color who are no longer into the club scene.It is also an option for younger lesbians of color who want to connect with older lesbians of color and learn from their life experiences.Where were the free social networking sites for lesbians of color?!Where were the free social networking sites for lesbians of color looking to meet other lesbians of color?!Ironically, since launching Our Sista Circle, I rarely have the time to date.

However, knowing that other sistas are meeting, dating and in some instances marrying makes it all worthwhile.

There is a relationship advice section, where the administrator and other members can chime in and give advice to a sista in need.

A social networking site for lesbians of color should also address the emotional and mental concerns of its members, so Our Sista Circle is now the first free social networking site for lesbians of color that offers confidential mental health counseling/coaching via video chat and Skype.

At 39 years old, I found that the club scene was no longer a viable option for meeting lesbians of color.

Women my age either left the club early or were already coupled up. I joined many lesbian dating sites and noticed that they all seemed the same.

The hustle and bustle of modern life often makes it difficult to connect with other women.