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But if there’s one thing I’m not going to do, it’s rub it all over my lady parts! Did it burn your throat a little as you swallowed it? That’s one of the components of apple cider vinegar (ACV) that makes it so sought after in health circles.Imagine applying that same acidic liquid to your genitals… Regular application of ACV to your vagina could actually damage the skin.

Ben Wa Balls come in all shapes and sizes, but the premise remains the same.Kegels, so named after the doctor who popularized them, are achieved by contracting the muscles used to interrupt urine flow, or to squeeze out those last few drops.Researchers have found that Kegels tighten the vagina by strengthening the muscles that surround it — specifically, the pelvic floor. It might feel a bit weird at first, but why not give it a try? These are the same muscles you use to control the flow of urine and squeeze it out at the end. Over several weeks, increase the number of Kegel workouts to half a dozen sets per day.They also take a number of weeks to start making any noticeable difference.Ben Wa Balls have purportedly been around for far longer than Kegels.Events such as childbirth, surgery, loss of skin elasticity and less muscle tone over time can all lead to a less-than-ideal situation down below. But if you could do something about it easily and naturally, why wouldn’t you?

That’s exactly how millions of women around the world feel.

Not only that, the tingling sensation can actually feel quite pleasurable to many women.

This makes the treatment not only a productive one, but an enjoyable one at the same time!

Over a very short period of time, this contract can help to tone the muscles surrounding the vagina.

This produces much the same result as Kegels, but with a bit less effort.

They’re going well out of their way to find that natural remedy that can finally get their vagina looking and feeling like it did in their younger years.