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How can i get credits for webcams

We call ourselves University of Advancing Technology and we’re quite serious about that — especially the Advancing part — even when it comes to virtual tours.

UAT’s New Technology (NT) Lab provides an innovation sandbox where, together under one roof, a variety of leading-edge, prototype technologies converge for students to explore and shape new ideas, collaborate in a shared learning environment, and innovate tomorrow’s next great thing.Static-free carpet lines the floors and the walls are coated with Wi-Fi paint to block wireless signals from entering the classroom.The initial design planning for this learning space took over a year because each technology degree program and respective learning objectives were carefully examined to consider all resource needs.When necessary, the University deploys additional, specialty workstations for specific uses.Founder’s Hall is the center of UAT’s vibrant Residence Life Community.The datacenter contains more than 100 servers dedicated to production and student use.

The University deploys enough workstations for local system usage for all users.

Student Ambassadors represent UAT students at their very best.

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The studio is open for any student to use 24/7, although you’ll frequently find Robotics and Embedded systems students there because it’s the home of UAT’s robots, particularly Murphy, our 3 1/2 foot tall robot that our Artificial Life Programming and Robotics and Embedded Systems students use to learn autonomous robot programming.

UAT’s central Commons is outfitted with an abundance of computer workstations and an extensive technology infrastructure.

Within UAT’s incubator of creative thinking you’ll find the convergence of motion capture with innovative, inspired artists and designers who enter the entertainment, gaming and commercial trade industries to visualize and express movement in imaginative ways.