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Julia allison dating andrew

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My digs were awful, and I was around fun people and it was a release from being a child.

"It's a really beautiful story about love and death, with a lovely message about how you can want something that doesn't necessarily happen yet still have no regrets about your life." Julia and Brad don't share any scenes together but it is a neat reunion nonetheless."I think it probably prevented me from really enjoying that period, though."Scroll down for more...Now 42 and living in California, she looks far from battle-weary.I think it could backfire quite badly." And how right she was, for just as quickly as big-time success arrived, the backlash came.The New York Times ran a piece titled 'The Conception, Production and Distribution of Julia Ormond', which implied that Julia had somehow connived in creating her rapid celebrity out of nowhere (an angle that all but ignored her successful ten-year career on the British stage and screen).With masses of chestnut hair falling about her shoulders, and enviably slim despite her unfussy attitude to food (she orders fish and chips), she still has the questioning, dark-eyed looks that initially captivated the critics.

The roles that made her famous – those of the shining-eyed ingénue – never seemed quite big enough for a woman with the depth and intelligence she displays.

Nevertheless, her passion for acting came not, she says, from a need for attention or to assuage any pain, 'but simply because I am a creative type'.

She attended the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London and admits that, "in my late teens and college years there was a phase where I was drinking ridiculous amounts – but out of fun more than anything else!

There was a time in the 90s when Julia Ormond was everywhere.

From being a Hollywood unknown she suddenly found herself, aged 29, the female lead in three huge movies alongside Tinseltown's biggest hitters – Brad Pitt (in 1994's Legends of the Fall), Harrison Ford (in Sabrina) and both Sean Connery and Richard Gere (in First Knight).

Suddenly she was faced with criticism for no other reason than that the critics felt it was about due.