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The Kern County portion will be handled under TCRP Project #114.

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It notes that there is another segment .200-plus miles further to the north, 35 mile of Route 65 connecting Marysville, north of Sacramento, with Roseville.The TIP is submitted it to the California Department of Transportation and the California Transportation Commission by March 28 of each year in order for TIP's projects to be included in the states TIP funding.The update added a project to widen Route 65 between Route 190 and West Teapot Dome Avenue (Avenue 128), south of Porterville. The construction costs to widen the road from two to four lanes are estimated at $16.5 million, with $15 million coming from Measure R funds.There’s some interest among San Joaquin Valley officials in rekindling the Route 65 project to relieve pressure on Route 99, though the source of potential construction money is, to say the least, problematic.However, Brown’s Department of Transportation has drafted a new state transportation plan that, in effect, says California should not add any more carrying capacity into its roadway system and emphasize mass transit instead.Widen from 2-lane conventional highway to 4-lane expressway.

In May 2017, it was reported that work began in April 2017 on what is being called the Terra Bella Expressway.

Terra Bella Expressway There are also plans to widen near Terra Bella.

The August 2004 CTC agenda showed a notice to prepare an EIR to widen to four-lane expressway near Terra Bella. Construction of Phase 1 is scheduled to begin in Fiscal Year 2007-08, with Phases 2 and 3 to be constructed as funding becomes available.

However, priorities have changed for both Kern and Tulare Counties.

The scope of TCRP Project #122 is being revised to reflect only the Tulare County portion of the project (thus, project #122 is now from the Kern County line).

A state contribution of $1.5 million would cover construction administration costs.