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Ang dating daan vs born again

Gumamit ka pa ng mga verses to support your teachings and catholic doctrines. Sa John nandyan mo mababasa ang ultimate relationship ni Jesus sa mga tao kaya binigay […] Adrew Dionisio The problem in catholic church is their belief and practices na hindi naman pinapahintulutan ng Dios at ng bible. FANATIC […] HOW CHESTERTON LED ME TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Posted by Zubair Simonson, OFS | Jan 7, 2018 “HAVE YOU EVER READ A BOOK THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE? 9, 2018 A Memphis megachurch pastor received a standing ovation during a church service on Sunday after he admitted that he had engaged in a “sexual incident” with a high school student 20 years ago in Texas. HINDI MATANGGAP NG IBANG MGA PROTESTANTE ANG PAGKAKAROON NG MGA REBULTO SA LOOB NG SIMBAHAN NG MGA KATOLIKO..You know Henrix, salvation is free through Jesus Christ. Relationship in Jesus is very important to have salvation. PERO SA NGAYON AY MERON NA DIN SILANG REBULTO SA KANILANG CHRISTIAN WORSHIP SERVICE..

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They believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit but they adopt a nontrinitarianism orientation, rejecting the Trinitarian concept that there is "one God in three co-equal persons", which for them is against the Bible.Eliseo Soriano’s blog the leader of the infamous Ang Dating Daan (The Old Way). It can be substantiated both in history and the Bible; Mr. The World Almanac Book of Facts 2009 (we can not say that this book is bias since it is not owned by the Catholic Church, this is standard reference) has a complete list of popes from peter to Benedict XVI this book can not be called “Book of facts” if it contains error Mr. Secondly Christ build the church upon Peter “though art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church”.Upon exploring his blog I got into his archives and found few articles that malign the Catholic Church so I decided to copy his article and refute it. Lastly Christ gave Peter the keys to bind and to loose, the keys signify authority Is., Christ is the King the successor of the Davidic throne, before Christ ascended to heaven he gave the over all authority to Peter to govern and guide the church. Well let Jesus Christ answer this question John “And he brought him to Jesus. The existence of a person, thing or office doesn’t depend on when their title was invented. I had already explain Mt.23:8-9 on my previous post, it simply means that don’t give honor to a man what belongs to God alone.For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered.CCC 882 is feminine either/or the meaning is the same ROCK says Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionary."et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos..."(Jn.

VIII: XXXII) To post some basic knowledge about the Catholic Faith...

On April 25, 1980, in compliance with government regulations, Eliseo Soriano registered the group with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Ang Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios Kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohan, sa Bansang Pilipinas (English: Members of the Church of God in Christ Jesus, Pillar and Ground of Truth in the Philippines).

In 2004, its registered name was changed to "Members Church of God International" (Tagalog: Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios na Pandaigdig) in line with the church's overseas expansion.

Inaanyayahan po namin kayong dumalo sa aming gaganaping Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition sa darating na ika-3 ng Abril.

Ito po ay gaganapin sa Isla Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-La, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City at magpapasimula sa ganap na alas-sais ng gabi.

Pastor Rocha has signed last Friday their friendly debate between Bro. He will prove that: “I will prove in the Bible that tithing did not end with the birth of the Church in the New Testament because it did not end in the law since it went before the law.” Bro.