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Free video chat with women no creditcard required

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Would highly appreciate if you could kindly look into this matter and give me an update as dihtv states the payment has not been received by them. Please correspond with me on [email protected] I bought a $1489 package of Milwaulkee battery power tools for A159.99. anyway i have over 30 email addresses , that one i typed here and [email protected] are the most likely being ive had them almost 20 years, also [email protected] or [email protected] my bank will refund my charges here , please refund me on your end, i was unaware of this till 10 mins ago feb.2 2018 pst thank you i dont know what this is but i need it cancelled asap and refunded my $39.99 which caused my account an overdraft fee of $35.00 andi dont understand how thats done when i cant buy anything when my account has no funds available , not even for a penny, .anyway i have over 30 email addresses , that one i typed here and [email protected] are the most likely being ive had them almost 20 years, also [email protected] or [email protected] my bank will refund my charges here , please refund me on your end, i was unaware of this till 10 mins ago feb.2 2018 pst thank you This fraudulent charge was made to my card after I placed an order at an order that was supposed to have processed for 24.98.

Make a complete copy of the email (including date and contact headers) and if you get no response from them, give the email to your bank or credit card company to show proof that you've attempted to request your trial/subscription/orders be cancelled. Ive searched a number of them that have been closed already..ones keep popping up. They market "free" skin creme trials through various websites. Not only did they charge my credit card but I also have a charge from another Company called WISUNTA CO SHENZHEN.Since then I have written multiple emails to the company without hearing anything.I ran a Whois and found that the owner, Aveling Smothers, is associated with hundreds of fraudulent Websites and though those sites show as being in the United States, they are more likely associated with China.I payed debit card and have the simmilar name on my statement FHT*QINRUO CO SHENZHEN CN. I still haven't recived my order and have no reply form "so-called " store owner. Have tried to contact the company repeatedly and they do not respond. there, I have bought a pair of Dr Martens boots and the charge was taken by FHT*Xiolin LTD. I bought some Garden boots from them it said they were $26 haven't got them yet I got my bank statement today and they had charged me $36 for them you still haven't got them I'm thinking I need to go debit card before they take it I've tried to email hey have had my money now for over a month haven't heard anything out of them I guess I just got scammed again $36 makes me sick Merchant is PURWATE. Emails asking for tracking number were never replied to. They set up a fake website of discount designer clothes...after purchase it became evident it was a scam, beware...*PINGOFF CO SHENZHEN CHN I was conned by the fraudulent Black Friday Sales advertisement on Facebook to puschased an electric Mixer and was been charged by this merchant PES*bosssellthings in CNY dollars. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.Please provide a receipt via email at [email protected] for the following stays at the Hampton INN in Richland, MS on CCI HOTEL GUESTRESERV, 800-468-3578, TX, 000006756977341CCI HOTEL GUESTRESERV, 800-468-3578, TX, 000006756977351CCI HOTEL GUESTRESERV, 800-468-3578, TX, 000006756977347Charge hit my credit card on The stay took place in January23 and 24 , 2018. I ordered a jacket from this website on November 28, 2017. I have emailed at least five times, with no response. I ordered a zoom lens for my i Phone and it auto enrolled me in a monthly subscription. I never saw the agreement to enroll in this stupid plan. My complaint is beacuse i can´t find the online page (Drshoes. So I would like to know FHT*Ciolin LTD is related with it. COM Have taken payment ,issued tracking for over a month ,it all looked legitimate and proper. Yes the scam website related to black Friday sales advert on Facebook is CA* represents itself as being a Canadian Shoe Distributor* Website was established November 2017* On-line payment is not secure* Returning Customers login section shows Error Message: Sorry, there is no match for that email address and/or password when trying to access.* Emails go unanswered*Visa Payment is to: FHT*BCOYN TRDAE CHINA 000* Products are not cheap average $100.00 and upwards Yes. FS BUFANW TECH********My credit card was charged $59.16.BEWARE of FS BUFANW TECH Any other time I have placed an international order my bank has contacted me to be sure it wasn't fraud and when it actually is fraud the transaction goes through- go figure! When I called my credit card company, they couldn’t give me more information on the vendor beyond a generic “clothing and accessories” vendor...totally fraudulent.

I ordered the cream,n played £4.93 p&p,and surprise surprise they have taken £79.95 off my visa card,what a scam, I would not recommend anyone buy this,as far as I'm concerned there out to con,ppl. Watch out this "FS BUFANW TECH" charge on your credit card.

The charge to my card was showing as from FTP*newdresses (From Beijing, BEI 100000 CHN), for 31.09.

My card company flagged it as a likely fraudulent charge and contacted me. Later I realized I had not heard back from regarding my order, though the page had shown my payment had processed for 24.98 when I made my purchase there.

He even cancelled his credit card to no av LLixium C-rewards UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES !!!!!! Several emails later, they said they would send me the correct shirt...I would have to pay again (a 30% discount!! Paypal did credit the $51.50 back to my charge card I made a purchase of 156 CAD$ on a canadian shopping site on Feb 1st. Stay away from: I was charged £79.94 after having bought a pot of cream, paying only the postage of £4.93. Having spoken to my bank apparently this charge is irretrievable as it goes under the heading of a subscription, please be aware this cream was purchased via Facebook.

May 5, 2017................................$10May 5, 2017................................$10May 5, 2017................................$ 5May 8, 2017................................$127CC charged was cancelled due to fraudulent use by several vendors Please contact me for the refund to the new credit card Toronto 416-665-6660[email protected] I ordered Swea T-Shirt on the same day (16th January 2018) from Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly. I was charged 168.61$ by FS BUFAN W TECH FOSHANSHI CN. I want to report a scam / fraudulent charge on my credit card.

You may have to keep emailing the company each day, to show a history of trying to reach them to no avail. Obviously a company that takes advantage of people, they have a facade of legitimacy that makes them difficult to deal with. My father recently had the same problem with this company. The cremes may be labeled under different names but always arrive from the same 3rd party shipping company in the same packaging. After a month I received a package from China with a lavender Necktie instead of the climbing skins I had ordered. I purchased 3 pair of UGGs in December and to date I still have not received any transaction information. If you make a purchase using a credit card you are unknowingly also agreeing to paying a monthly membership fee of USD 8.95.