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Thanks to Seeking Arrangement's nifty tool that makes members complete polls before logging in—"We love getting data on our millionaires," Wade explained, "like what airlines are they most likely to fly"—since January 2012, almost 42,000 sign-ups (both male and female) attributed signing to "Fifty." That's 12.6 percent of all sign-ups in that period."If they had Tinder when I was single...," the guys say, imagining the possibilities. They say the digital road to romance can be a perilous one. Earlier this year, the University of Pittsburgh showed Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Snapchat can be similarly pernicious. The swipe-to-find-a-match dating app is certainly social. The company says it does everything it can to protect the self-esteem of its users, but an August 2016 study from the University of North Texas indicates the app can be tough for some.

Of these, she said around 70 percent will send her a message, but notes that only "15 percent of those that do start talking are interesting." For all the sadness, negativity and abuse around Tinder, there are those positive moments people signed up for, too.Not because it indicated Tinder could influence self-perception, but because it impacted men just as much as women."We thought females would most strongly, and adversely, be affected by using Tinder," research partner Trent Petrie added."I'd get asked for pictures constantly, and if you didn't reply or said no, guys would be like 'OK f*** off s***.'" These men weren't the majority, she said, but "there were a fair few." Another Tinder user, Kayla, said that these messages are frequent enough that they become white noise. What's behind inappropriate, overly-sexual messages? "Other men might get rejected from women A, B, C and D and so 'pay forward' their animosity to unsuspecting woman E in a setting where he can get away with it."There is a certain, pretty disgusting symbolic violence to the whole thing." You can see flagrant messages of this type at Bye Felipe, an Instagram page set up to call out "dudes who turn hostile when rejected." There you'll see how alarmingly quickly a conversation can go from amiable to abusive.Kevin Lewis, assistant professor of sociology at the University of California, San Diego, notes a similar trend at Tinder, where "competition over the most attractive people" is encouraged, because there are "zero costs for aiming high." In other words, the bulk of the matches go to the top percentile of attractive users. "Whenever I use Tinder, I feel my self confidence deteriorating by the second," said user Andrew (his name, like all other users here, has been changed).

Tinder itself says there are 1.4 billion swipes made every day, with 26 million matches. He's been using the app for a month, during which time he's made one match. "I had a match once [after going weeks without one]," said Thomas.

If there's something far worse than no attention, it's bad attention.

Earlier this year, Sydney woman Olivia Melville found herself Facebook infamous.

"Tinder users reported having lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and bodies and having lower levels of self-worth than the men and women who did not use Tinder," said Jessica Strübel, Ph D and co-author of the study, presenting her research to the American Psychological Association.

The experiment examined a group of 1,044 women and 273 men, roughly 10 percent of whom were Tinder users.

And while women may get more matches than men, many argue that doesn't necessarily mean they have any greater chance of finding a connection.