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Escort accomodating female

Back in Vancouver the air is fresh, the streets are clean, the drivers obey traffic laws…it’s hard to get used to!

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We are now headed to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. So, as you have probably noticed, we have been incommunicado for a little while.There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun!Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different.Don’t listen to the salesman who insists you NEED a $5000 bike — get something cheap and ubiquitous. There is a reason they are still driving 40 year old Ladas, and it isn’t because they are reliable cars…Bike touring is really easy, you don’t need anything special, just get on it and go, you will love it!Not a rabid dog, not a permanent resident, not a crap-seller, but out of the gloom emerged two rain-averse French bicycle tourers coming from the other direction!

Chances of two independent groups of bike tourers taking shelter in the same random roadside poop shack: 1 in a bazillion.

The road jiggled many a screw out of our bikes, cracked a welded rack, broke spokes and left us feeling like shaken babies.

There is such a thing as being too safe on the Georgian highways and it’s called a police escort.

Meanwhile, Lukas is still in Turkey, most likely sweating his way along the Mediterranean coast.

Thank you to everyone that donated to the Global Fund for Women — at the end of the day we raised $1310.

Standing out of the rain next to our new friends we compared rigs, and while we win points for excessive gaudy bike bling, they clearly had dropped some serious coin on road worthy machines.