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In the end, it’s a small price to pay, he says, to safeguard Canada’s democratic tradition.Despite such arguments, it seems like Freda and his Canadian Republicans are winning in the court of public opinion.

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“But $40 million or $50 million [a year] sure sounds like a lot to me.” The Monarchist League supports that figure, estimating that about $50,147,000 was spent during the 2006-07 year.Guardian Mistress, loosely based on the multiplayer online adult net game where you get to choose an AV idol and play with other people in a pokemon game setting.Except this is a live action porn film and these girls don't exactly walk around in 2D doing fuckall stupid stuff.Freda cites numbers like that as support for his group’s radical proposal to completely overhaul the system. He calls for the Governor General to be replaced by “a wholly Canadian institution”—an independent head of state, accountable only to Canadians. “But Canadians wouldn’t mind spending on an institution that they can call their own.” While $1.53 may not get you very far at Tim Hortons, Freda hopes the escalating cost of supporting the Queen will set the wheels of change in motion. In this video, she plays a happily married woman with a pretty decent sex life.

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The Queen’s agents need to learn a lesson in frugality during these tough times, he argues, especially since most of the work done by the lieutenant-governors is already handled by deputy premiers and other officials.

Freda says it is “exorbitant,” for example, that the Ontario lieutenant-governor employs nine staff members, and “shocking” that the B. office shells out piles of cash each year to run a 102-room official residence for its lieutenant-governor. “The Governor General has literary awards and cuts ribbons and plants trees and travels to Nunavut and eats seal meat. ” Finch counters that the Crown’s stabilizing presence is worth the money.

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