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And my hope too in the future — and we have about three other shows in the works so far — is to get more of a music influence, which we have a really good person lined up for.We also want to get a little more nerd culture and we have a really great group of people for a much more nerd-centric show.

I want it to really branch out and become this monster.Obviously there will be funny shows, but we also wanted to make it shows that are just really fun, because so many of the podcasts I listen to — like and stuff like that — those are some of my favorite podcasts, but they’re not necessarily comedy-centric.So I just kind of went down the list of people I liked and thought I’d do some big asks of people and see if they would be interested.Why did you want to start a podcast network, and how did Wolfpop come together?Well you know, I’m a huge podcast fan and I just have loved my experience with Earwolf, so when those guys asked me if I would be interested in helping them create and curate this network, I really jumped at it because I love the theme of it, which is a whole pop culture-y network.Rotten is the singular resource on the web for movie reviews.

That’s why Wolfpop recruited Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity and Senior Editor Grae Drake to bring their specially-calibrated Tomatometers into the studio and deliver the results for all the new theatrical and home video releases.

They recruit and interrogate the youth of America to explain their dating rituals, communication practices, and the difference between a Miley and a Bieber. presents some of the best live renditions of some of the most interesting works of literature of our time.

Singer/songwriter Aimee Mann is the first guest, and actor Steven Weber is on an upcoming episode.

Great news for fans of Paul Scheer and pop culture podcasts: Today is launch day for Scheer’s brand new podcast network Wolfpop, a media and pop culture-focused Earwolf spin-off of sorts from the same parent company Midroll Media.

Wolfpop has launched with an initial lineup of 13 podcasts featuring W.

I arrive in Santa Monica, plug in my headphones, and get to work.