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But he couldn’t persuade Fenech Adami and Dalli got his way.” (This is reported with Georges Bonello Dupuis’s consent; his father died seven years ago.) John Dalli’s letter to the Lands Commissioner says: Messrs Lowenbrau (sic) Ltd are planning to set up an industrial process for the production of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

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Albert Mamo, a retired public servant who was Commissioner for Lands for many years, says that he knows of only two such exceptional cases in his decades-long career: Marsovin/Agri Co and Foster Clarks.Their endorsement of the brand has helped to launch the fledgling designer into the fashion elite with the courtier regularly experiencing a surge in sales when the sisters are seen out in the dresses.FIRST with NEIL MITCHELL Former Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett has confirmed she is considering running for Lord Mayor of Melbourne.Dalli told the Commissioner of Lands that the land was to be given to them in perpetuity, for an annual ground rent.Dalli was not the Minister responsible for government property at the time, but he completely bypassed the minister responsible.This is the story, and I am going to tell it in chronological order and bald facts, so that there is no room for confusion.

On 7th November 1990, John Dalli, who was then Minister for Economic Affairs in the government led by Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, wrote to the Commissioner of Lands, instructing him to give a large tract of state-owned land in Qormi to a company which Marsovin had incorporated with a view to setting up a brewery to make Löwenbräu beer under licence.

Erin told Tom Elliott she was parked, waiting to pick up her kids on Langs Rd, Ascot Vale, opposite the Melbourne Showgrounds, about 3.30pm on Wednesday when the bizarre road rage incident occurred.

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Marsovin and its fellow shareholder Agri Co acquired the land in exactly that manner and began the process of setting up the brewery.

The only fly in the ointment was that the government had over-ruled John Dalli on one aspect only: instead of giving Marsovin the land in perpetuity unencumbered by clauses on conditions of use, it insisted on a clause which specified that the land could be used only for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

To add to the conspiracy story, Deborah Schembri has also repeated incessantly that she has the sworn testimony of an anonymous eye-witness who told her he saw “Jason Azzopardi walking round the land with Nazzareno Vassallo”, the company CEO.