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With the Dive Into Jee Node series, I wanted to single out a specific range of technologies as an example of what can be accomplished today with open source hardware and software, while still covering a huge range of the technology spectrum – from C/C running on a chip to fairly advanced client / server programming using Java Script, HTML, and CSS (or actually: dialects of these, called Coffee Script, Jade, and Stylus, respectively).

to here: This covers a huge range of technologies, from embedded Arduino stuff on an ATmega-based Jee Node, to setting up and the House Mon software on a Raspberry Pi embedded Linux board.As it turns out, there are enough spare I/O pins on an ATmega to provide one digital and one analog pin to each port.Add GND, VCC ( 3.3V) and PWR (the input voltage, could be up to about 13V), and you end up with a fairly general-purpose setup.I’m writing this post while one of the test Jee Node Micro’s here at Jee Labs is nearing its eighth month of operation on a single coin cell: It’s running the radio Blip2 sketch, sending out packets with an incrementing long integer packet count, roughly once every minute: The battery voltage is also tracked, using a nice little trick which lets the ATtiny measure its own supply voltage.As you can see, the battery is getting weaker, dropping in voltage after each 25 m A transmission pulse, but still recovering very nicely before the next transmission: Fascinating stuff.I know from the many emails I’ve received over the years that many of you have been enjoying this weblog – some of you even from the very beginning, almost 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I really need to find a new way to push myself forward.

This is post # 1400, with over 6000 comments to date.

But this post is not just about reporting ultra low-power consumption.

It’s also my way of announcing that I’ve decided to wrap up this daily weblog and call it quits. But this weblog remain online, and so will the forum & shop.

The total cost of a complete but minimal setup should be around €100.

Less than an Xbox and far, more educational and entertaining, if you ask me!

All of a sudden, each port is no longer limited to a sensor.