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Sapphire elia dating

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Natasha insists that Nathan is not responsible and Declan ends their relationship. He offers to help Faye Lamb contest Mark's will in order to take over the estate and supports her when her son Ryan is accused of Mark's murder.

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Natasha confesses to Mark's murder and Declan makes Nathan an offer for her share of Home Farm.newcomer Ella Hart (Corrinne Wicks) is set to seducer daughter Mia's (Sapphire Elia's) boyfriend Adam Barton (Adam Thomas).The cougar who came into the show in December along with Mia to live with estranged husband Declan Macey (Jason Merrels) will turn to the young farmhand after feeling neglected by Declan who she recently got back together with.As can be expected, things will not be easy and should they get caught out, Ella will no doubt be left even lonelier having cheated on not only her husband but her daughter too by seeing her boyfriend.magazine: ''Well, it's every boy's dream to be chased by an older woman.Declan is a shrewd businessman who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

He's prepared to be unpopular if it's good for business and the people in the village recognise his confidence.

Before Ella leaves, she tells Declan that his friend Jai Sharma is Mia's father.

Declan confronts Jai and tells him to stay away from Mia.

Adam, who works for Declan sees it as his duty to keep her company and enjoys a quiet drink with Ella however, to his shock, she makes a move on him and he responds!

The saucy scenes (pictured below) are the beginning of an affair between the pair who are set to go behind their partners' backs to continue their secret relationship.

Adam's been going out with her daughter Mia for a while and he sees Ella being neglected by her husband.