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Sapphire elia dating

When the body of Natasha's husband Mark is found, Natasha's daughter Maisie tells Declan she thinks Nathan killed their father.

magazine: ''Well, it's every boy's dream to be chased by an older woman.Declan and Ella's daughter Mia later find Declan with Alicia Gallagher.Declan's father Dermot Macey arrives for Christmas at Ella's invitation.Are you like us more than a little bored of the constant affair storylines in soaps or do you think this latest affair will have you at the edge of your seats (with a bucket probably)? Declan Macey was originally introduced in April 2010 as a business partner of Natasha Wylde, but then became owner of Home Farm when Natasha was imprisoned in November 2010 for the murder of her husband Mark.Declan pays Dermot not to stay, but he later finds his father at Home Farm with Ella and Mia.

When Declan discovers Ella is having an affair with Mia's boyfriend, Adam Barton, he throws her out, but promises not to tell Mia.

Adam's been going out with her daughter Mia for a while and he sees Ella being neglected by her husband.

He feels sorry for her.''He added: ''He's quite flattered.

On his return, Declan comforts Faye when Ryan is found guilty of murdering Mark.

Natasha confesses to Mark's murder and Declan makes Nathan an offer for her share of Home Farm.

He does have a softer side but is not the most attentive husband in the world.