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What is a gold digger when dating

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Frankly, I'm unlikely to achieve that through my own work." Clayton points out that these days, with the divorce rate so high, considerations such as security are more important than just love.

They want to be her - and they're realistic enough to know that a good marriage is their best chance.And poor old Heather Mills Mc Cartney can't seem to put a foot right.These people no doubt married for love, but have continually had to put up with questions."Go to restaurants like Cipriani, or Zuma, and they are full of beautiful twentysomething girls on the lookout for a rich man.When I was researching the book, I spoke to a lot of women who were being plied with champagne every night, yet none would admit to being a gold digger.But if you basically live like Uncle Scrooge in all other aspects of your life, you can consider yourself well known and more of a target. It’s when someone starts assuming you’ll pay for things that don’t involve you – their mortgage for instance, or their car – then be wary.

Cinderella knew what she was up to when she dressed up to the nines in borrowed clothes and swanned off to the ball.

In a report published last month by Barclays Wealth Management, economists predicted that there will be more female millionaires in the UK than men by the year 2020, and less than one in four of these will have acquired their wealth through marrying a rich man.

Yet, persistently, the ones we are really interested in are the ones who have married wealth.

They don’t wear name tags with little gold stickers around their name. Even if you aren’t wealthy, you can probably rest assured no one is using you for money.

They usually have charm and the art of telling you what to hear down to a science. Here’s how to know for sure that you’re dating a gold digger. If you’re so rich that you can do an Uncle Scrooge into a vault of money, you probably aren’t dating a gold digger if your wealth isn’t something you otherwise advertise. This isn’t to say that a woman who lets a man (or vice versa) take her to expensive dinner is out for his money.

Recent moves by the Law Commission to give unmarried co-habitees the same financial claims as divorcees in the event of a split were hailed in the press almost gleefully as a gold-digger's charter.