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They weren’t my favorite band at the time, but I give them a lot of credit for crafting a completely original sound. This is one of those uniquely American idiosyncracies, like sweetened peanut butter and Intelligent Design. It is, in fact, the dumbest fucking movie ever made. There have been many dumber movies than “Dirty Dancing”, but there’s never been a more successful, well beloved awful movie than this piece of formulaic, syrupy, badly written trash.The songs are spare and slinky and the band does things with analog drum kits that are only supposed to be possible digitally, and Michael Hutchence could be a lounge singer one minute and a metal screamer the next. woman – between the ages of 25 and 30 and say “The Coreys”. It’s like “Footloose,” but somehow more hackneyed and it has Patrick Swayze and who names their daughter Baby and Swayze takes himself waaaay too seriously in every movie except the one where he was a drag queen and the one where he was a motivational speaking pedophile.

He meets a girl and falls in love with her and she convinces him to go searching for Pops. If Debbie Gibson was my first “pure and chaste” crush, Samantha Fox was the first person I was truly aware of who must have had sex.Coincidentally, most present day radio execs have heard of David Lee Roth, but don’t know anything about radio. made you cool in the same way that having a Happy Days lunchbox made you cool.Now, George is on VH1 all the time and he’s something of a gay icon now.And I’ll bet these three kids wonder why Mommy always turns off the TV and sends them outside to play whenever “Being Bobby Brown” comes on, but they’re a little afraid to ask her. I’ll bet that the members of Icehouse don’t even remember that, at one point, they were in a band called Icehouse. Icehouse Guy is telling the object of his affection that she’s glowing like a novelty neon wall sculpture of a martini glass, and I guarantee you she loved it.And yet, I’ve got such affection for this song that I once spent an entire night on Napster trying to find someone – – with an MP3 of it. If 1988 had a color, it would be the color of a light-up phone in the suburban bedroom of a girl named Sheila. She may have actually melted, right there, on the spot, into a puddle of Electric Goo.(Note from Andy in 2008: I wrote this three years ago. That would have made my time in Catholic school even more uncomfortable. I could draw a (really) rudimentary facsimile of their logo on my Wordly Wise vocab book and look like the baddest mutha’ in 3rd grade, but, really, secretly, deep down, I loved that their songs were so catchy that they stuck in my head all day. Honestly, I do feel bad for the guy, because he got outed in a pretty humiliating and public way.

I haven’t tweaked it since, so it’s still got all sorts of fun errors and whatnot, and it’s definitely a product of 2005. I’m posting it here because it was languishing on my Myspace site, ignored and unloved, and it told me that it wants to be where people can see it and access it easily. Prove Your Love, Taylor Dayne 1) For a skinny white chick from Long Island, she had some serious ghetto pipes. 3) One time, this song came on the radio when I was in the car with my Mom, and I started belting out the chorus where she sings “I wanna feel your body come to miiiiiine,” which seemed to disturb my mother to such a degree that she nearly drove her 1978 VW Rabbit through the wall of a Ho Jo’s. Nowadays, all I can think of when I look at her picture is that she was probably a drag queen. Every time I hear this song, I can smell the roller rink. The lesson here is, I guess, that if you’re famous, anonymous bathroom sex probably isn’t for you.

Puh- See, up until the late 90s, when I realized that “Surrender” was my damn theme song, I always thought Cheap Trick was just a novelty act that covered this one Elvis song this one time. It should also be mentioned that there’s a story about Belinda Carlisle in a rest stop bathroom as well, but as I’m a gentleman, I shan’t divulge. I don’t know what I was thinking, but Debbie was cool. She was a trooper as a performer, and a sweet kid, and seemed very down to Earth. I was going to marry her one day, or at least date her, or, at the very least tell her how cool it was that she drew a face on her knee for her album cover.

This is what happens when you grow up in a house with no older brothers or sisters, two folkie hippie parents, and a radio stuck on the Morning Zoo channel. Also, because unlike George Michael flipping out his willy to a policeman, Belinda’s story isn’t so much unseemly and embarrasing as it is absolutely bloody disgusting and makes my stomach churn and I can’t reconcile that with the Belinda I know. After “The Joshua Tree” came out and it was like the biggest album ever or something, U2 didn’t know what to do. Bono tried to learn how to play the harmonica, and the Edge hammered out some mad Bo Diddley riffs on his guitar. Which, by the way, was the first non-Muppet related record I owned.

So maybe the lesson really is: if you used to be famous, sometimes anonymous bathroom sex is all you’ve got left.

Speaking of public humiliation and VH1, here’s Mrs. Whitney used to be a promising young talent with the potential to stand alongside Ella and Aretha and all them other black ladies with nice voices, and then she married Bobby Brown. Bobby very specifically disses a girl named Jacqui in this song. Brown grw up in Boston, so I’ll bet you that Jacqui is now a registured nurse at Brigham and Women’s, is happily married, and has three kids. Jimi might have wanted to stand next to his girl’s fire, and Courtney Love may not have been able to get near you because the light just radiates, but Mr.

A lot of ’80s songs gave shout outs to classic ’50s and ’60s tunes, and I for one love that.