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Wondering out loud "what exactly is Jamaica waiting for", Seiveright said that as cashier machines in the US get noticeably busier, politicians there are changing their tune."Dispensaries are reporting US$20,000 to $40,000 of sale per day. None of them can stay open every day, and most are open only three to five days per week," said Seiveright.

LSD, the most powerful psychotropic drug available globally, was first noticed in the capital in 2013.The fact that the arrested peddlers were planning to sell the drug at the Scrillex music event in Gurgaon showed the peddlers were keen to branch out into the NCR.However, apart from these, the Delhi Police registered an all-time low in terms of arrests and recoveries for other narcotics.Charas is prepared manually in areas like Malana, Kasaul and some other places in Himachal Pradesh.In 2015, Delhi's party-goers also started experimenting with new drugs, Meow Meow being the most dangerous and addictive among them.The police said that their inability to raid the sources, most of them outside India, was the reason for the lukewarm results.

Police snagged 35 kg of heroin and cocaine put together in 2015, when it had seized 133 kg of heroin alone a year earlier.

We have seen where yet another national NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in the US has found that a majority of Americans support legalising ganja.

Meanwhile, in Florida, medical ganja will be on the November ballot, and US Attorney General Eric Holder has said that the Federal Government will allow banks to accept deposits from state-legalised businesses."The richest man in the US, Microsoft's Bill Gates, stated that he voted to legalise ganja in Washington State and thinks implementation is going well so far.

Compared with 34 grams in 2014, only seven grams of LSD were recovered in 2015.

Jamaica's first ganja growers association has begun to take shape, but potential members are being advised not to start cultivation of the weed, until the legal green light has been given.

The entry of Meow Meow, limited to Mumbai till 2014, indicates how organized and lucrative Delhi's drug market is becoming.