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Fill these Lil Sailor Whale Squirt Toys with water, then give them a little squeeze.

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(There are even squirt guns that are fun for adults.) This summer has seen a handful of You Tube channels make their own, extreme squirt guns, and the Backyard Scientist, aka Kevin Kohler, may have felt left out.Our crawlers analyze millions of adult-videos every day and determine whether they contain porn.The result is that is the only place that has any and all porn videos currently existing on the net.It sounds dangerous, and his test runs prove that hypothesis correct.Kohler unleashes the homemade toy loaded with melted pewter at a styrofoam cooler, a watermelon, a sheet of glass, and into an aquarium filled with water.Thousands of horny sluts fucking and sucking for your approval as they earn your affection with each new naughty porn tube video and become popular by going full hardcore in front of our HD cameras!

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The fish does correct for the bending, or refraction, of light at the water’s surface when it aims.

It also corrects for such distortions of light in its distance judgments.

If that's not enough to prove the toy would be fun to spend an afternoon with, he shows that his toy is capable of a few other tricks.

He fills the cylinder full of ketchup and mustard to garnish a tray of hot dogs, then sets them alight after turning the squirt gun into a flame thrower.

In fact, the fish could precisely aim its squirt to knock insects off of vegetation and into the water, where it could eat them. Many people in Schlosser’s time didn’t believe him either, but it was actually true.