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There were of course occasions attracting crowds like seasonal pilgrimages to important temples, regional market days or public holidays, when one might meet attractive strangers.

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Alternatively, if you don't mind paying commission, you can use a local travel agent to buy tickets on your behalf.The families of either partner were involved both socially and economically in case of a merger, but it seems they could not prevent a marriage not to their liking if the couple insisted on going ahead , though frequently the groom was significantly older than the bride as he had to be economically established.The influence a bride's parents, above all her father, had on these decisions was generally decisive.All trains call at El Giza station about 20 minutes after leaving / before arriving at Cairo.Some people nowadays seem to think that ancient Egyptian women lived in an almost ideal world of equality. They may have had more rights and independence than women in other ancient societies, but they were not treated as equals by men.We do not have any descriptions of weddings; in the New Kingdom tale about Merneptah's daughter, Ahura, for instance no ceremonies of any kind are expressly mentioned, though one probably would not be wrong to suppose that such momentous occasions with their far-reaching economic, social and legal consequences would have been celebrated somehow And the king told the steward of the palace,"Let them take Ahura to the house of Naneferkaptah tonight, and all kinds of good things with her." So they brought me (i.e.

Ahura) as a wife to the house of Naneferkaptah; and the king ordered them to give me presents of silver and gold, and things from the palace.

There were also the sinister cases of lovelorn swains, whose unrequited feelings made them have recourse to magic, trying to enslave their beloved: ...

Do not disobey, spirit of the deceased Antinoös, but wake for me and go to every place, every quarter, every house, and bring to me Ptolemais, born by Aias, daughter of Origenous; prevent her from eating, from drinking, until she comes to me, Sarapamonos, born by Area; do not let her know another man, but only me, Sarapamonos; drag her by her hair, by her guts, until she does not leave me anymore, me, Sarapamonos, born by Area, and I own her, Ptolemais, born by Aias, daughter of Origenos, submissive for the whole duration of my life, loving me, desiring me, telling me her thoughts...

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Most matches were probably made between people who grew up together, or through arrangements made by the families, a state of affairs not highly conducive to romantic love.